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Motivational quotes on hard work

Effective strategies on time management

6 Reasons Why you're often feeling hurt

I’ve often wondered why people often get hurt easily sometimes for reasonable things and sometimes for things not reasonable until I began to research and experience them myself. Today, I’m going to share with you why you often get hurt easily by people.

Advantages and disadvantages of school Politics

Many spent a number of years to get admission but later find themselves in a shape that they didn't bargain for all in the name of Student unionism/Politics. Only a  selected few come out knowing their onion.  Some  used unionism as a stepping stone to circular politics others losed focus and fell by the way side.  They are many benefits of unionism and many dangers attach to it.    Today, I am discussing  the good aspect and the bad aspect  of school politics. Let's get going.

How to make an A in any course

Making an A in any course can be very easy if you abide by the simple rules am about to share with you. Without wasting much time, let's kick off.

How to command respect from people

 A lot of times people want other people to give them respect but they fail to obey just very few laws.  Below are a few tips to help you gain respect in your family, workplace, school etc.

How to Calculate your GPA and CGPA

It is quite funny that a lot of students even to their final level do not know how to calculate their grade point average. Well, the importance of knowing your grade point average in the higher institution of learning cannot be overemphasised as this serves as a check to examine whether you're making progress or not. Some who know still make a lot of mistakes in the calculation of cumulative grade point average. So, today I'm going to teach you how to calculate grade point average and cumulative grade point average. Relax and learn.

How to cope with anybody

Have you ever wondered why some people can cope with anybody in this world without a problem and some cannot? Yes, it is quite obvious that some people's behaviour is toxic, stinking, and unwelcoming but people still flow freely with them as they never noticed their flaws. One thing   I've come to realize is when two people with ego meet, they can hardly cope with themselves for the reason being that nobody wants to pipe low for the other.

What you need to do as a fresher to come out in flying colours

It is a common norm for freshers to come with so much enthusiasm to bag first-class or second-class honours in the University. Soon you discover you're battling to maintain a third class.

Read this piece to stop being a JAMB customer

A plethora of times young and old folks fail utterly because they kept on making certain mistakes. Many have become Jamb customers, Waec customers and so on. Today, I'm going to share with you powerful tips on how to get rid of continuous failure and head for the top in JAMB. Let's go

Reasons why you should stop messaging people HBD as birthday wishes

A lot of times people just send happy birthday vague like that. Social media has reduced it to "HBD". I don't think this is appropriate.  In my opinion, this is the right time to tell the person you're sending a birthday wish how much they mean to you. 

How to send sleep off and study effectively at night

As humans, we all have different ways our bodies operate. It is very pertinent to find out how your body works to obtain maximum results whenever you put it to work. The number one step in answering any question is understanding the question. To hit the nail on the head, today we are going to look at how to study at night. It turns out that burning the midnight oil is the best option for some students due to calmness at night. Yes, their bodies tend to agree with night study but they lack necessary the skills to keep up the habit of studying every night. Frankly, there are a few salient habits that block you from maximising your full study potentials. Below are just a handful of habits that you must imbibe or restructure to effectively make studying at night effective, rewarding, and habitual.

Simple strategies to raise your kids from backward academic performance to genius

Every good parent wants their kid to excel above average. They want the best to come out of their children. Unfortunately, the majority of these kids do not come out to be so. This leaves parents depressed and worried. If you find yourself in this position, I guarantee you've hit the right spot for a solution by the grace of God. Herein you are provided with powerful strategies to raise your children from mediocrity to uniqueness. Let's go

How to know who has the highest Facebook likes using percentage

A lot of people get worried over likes on Facebook. This makes them to envy those with more likes. But to me this not a problem. I just wanna give you a simple percentage method of scoring them. At least 10% of your friends should like your photo. So, we are going to place 10% as average like.  Let's go.

If I were to be Proud Poem by John Ukpanukpong

Raw material versus readymade

When people don't see anything in you, they make you feel worse than shit possibly because of their poor sense of insight into your innate abilities which may be a raw material.

DIY Air Freshener

Some times bad smells are inevitable no matter how we try to get rid of them. In times like this, one need to find other alternatives of purifying the environment in which one lives. Air freshener is a ready chemical that is used to neutralise bad odour in the environment. Not only does it remove bad odour, its fragrance replaces the bad odour making the environment worth living and inhabiting.

Perfect Cure for Fatulence, Indigestion, bloating and other GI disorders.

There's nothing more embaracing than farting without control. Worst of it, a very smelly fatulence  which sometimes result from the type of food we eat. But sometimes too it is caused by poor absorption rate by the intestine which allows food taken to ferment in the lower intestine without proper digestion.  This can result to gases in the gut, indigestion, bloating and fatulence.

Natural Aphrodisiac (Sex Sweeteners)

Below you are provided with 4 recipes for making natural, chemical free aphrodisiac cocktail drink. It is highly recommended to take immediately after preparation to avoid spoilage or simply store in a refrigerator.  These recipes are highly recommended for married couples. It should be taken when you need them ( you understand). I've been able gather all the recipes that have been proven to work. If one does not work for you, switch to the next.  You won't exhaust  the whole recipes without getting a significant result. I did not arrange them according to order of effectiveness therefore, you can choose any recipe of your choice.

How to make customized t-shirts using bleach

In one of My earlier post, I looked on how bleach can be used for the treatment of nail fungus and athlete foot. You  may click here if you wish to view that post.  Many people know bleach as a whitening agent for clothes but fail to know other areas where bleach can be used. Bleach can be used to make a very powerful designs on clothes. This acts by whitening  the area that the bleach touches. For example a purple colour shirt can be bleached to either red or pink. The side exposed to the bleach will be the side that would be bleached.

The Fear of the Unknown Poem by John Ukpanukpong

As I slept alone in the dark, Suddenly my heart became a drum. My alertness was like that of a lion. The shelves, wardrobe and tables became  monsters. But why have they suddenly turn to monsters? I never asked I saw them trying to hold my hands

Coke: A Powerful household cleaner and stain remover

Coke is a cleaner, a stain remover, rust remover, removes stubborn stains on tiles and toilet, oil/grease stain remover, removes stains from clothes when combined with detergent, it  restores shininess to coin and jewelry, cleans bolt and nuts. This wonderful drink is a powerful cleaner.

The cruel man in uniform Poem by John Ukpanukpong

I was on the wheels to work Then I  remembered the cruel man in uniform I nearly fought with the other day Speak of the devil! He is here I looked at him with a friendly smile He reacted with a monster look He screened all my papers

When I took my first breath Poem by John Ukpanukpong

When I took my first breath I knew unconsciously that I was in for it I cried for the first time Friends and family welcomed me A couple of days I started guessing at faces Trying to understand my new environment All I had to do was eat, sleep and cry My direction was always at my food source My mode of communication was to cry My cry makes my sweet mum to search

My journey to my Destination Poem Written By John Ukpanukpong

How to get instant traffic to your new blog without google search

As a new blogger, soon you begin to get high blood pressure because Google has not indexed your page as one of the top pages on Google search. We are giving Google more power to continue to afflict us with its stringent policies on SEO. Getting traffic from Google search will take time and effort. I have not condemn SEO in article but I speak as a business man who will not want to put all eggs in one basket. The social media is one of the ways to drive huge traffic to your site. Every day people login to these accounts and find what they are looking for as easy as ABC. So with this few tips you can drive heavy amount of traffic your new blog.

How to Add Facebook Like and share button and Comment plugin to blogger

Few months back, I wanted to add Facebook comment, like and share  plugin to my blog. I followed all the instructions provided by Facebook but to no avail. They are so many bloggers profering solution to this but only a handful of them have been able to solve this problem. To this end I write step by step guide on how to add Facebook comment, like and share button plugin to your bloggers blog. Let's get cracking

Which is more hygienic. Water or tissue paper?

I got to think the other day. We use water for cleaning almost everything. We use water to wash foods stuffs before eating, we use water to take our bath, we use water to wash our clothes, and we use water to clean our house. We can never replace all this with just a simple wipe but we use tissue paper to clean the dirtiest part of our bodies.

4 Strategies for a Successful business growth

Business growth means expanding a firm’s product and services or expanding its target markets, or some combination of each. Business must grow to maintain a high level of competitive advantage over other companies and to increase its reputation. It is has been found through research that more than half of all businesses fail in less than two years of commencement. Those that survived this period hardly grow. Entrepreneurs are expected to create an environment that will fit the growth agenda of the firm by reviewing its policies, structures, procedures and systems.

How to get people to buy your product

Before you start making a product for sale in the market, you have to ask yourself this simple question. Does my new product solve a problem in the market? Answering this question properly is a major key to entrepreneurship. This is so because people will be grateful if you solve their problems. From there you will be able to see a clear path to converting the solution to their problems to wealth. This is called opportunity identification. 

You're my God lyrics by Rev. Luther Barnes & The Restoration Worship Center Choir

Feel the fire Lyrics by Rev. Luther Barnes & The Restoration Worship Center Choir

The favor of God lyrics - Rev. Luther Barnes & The Restoration Worship Center Choir

Stay Focused - Rev. Luther Barnes & The Restoration Worship Center Choir

Jesus is a Friend to me - Rev. Luther Barnes & The Restoration Worship Center Choir

Even Then Lyrics - Rev. Luther Barnes & The Restoration Worship Center Choir

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord Lyrics - Rev. Luther Barnes & The Restoration Worship Center

How much would you like to be paid? (Job interview question)

A simple job interview question was asked in a group of persons on Facebook and so many people responded. So, I thought this will be an opportunity for you to both learn and contribute. You can also leave your own contribution in the comment section below.  Here is the question by  Agnes Oghenetega Good Evening To you all.  Please if  you go for an interview and you were asked how much you would like to be paid how do you go about telling them the exact salary you want?

WhatsApp Tricks You never knew existed

Today I feel like sharing various WhatsApp tricks with you. I have found out that many people don't know all the features in whatsApp which has limited their ability to flow, retain and be flexible with data sent or received via this App messenger. So Today that's what this post is all about.

What kills nail fungus /athlete's foot fast?

Today, I want to share with you various home remedies for nail fungus  (onychomycosis) and athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) . Before you start this therapy, make sure your toe nails are properly cut to allow penetration of this recipe into the affected areas.  Also, try to maintain proper hygiene. Clean, sun dry and disinfect the shoes you use regularly.   For treating microbial infection, consistency is the key. Start when you know you will always make out time to practice this.  The reason I am saying this is because breaking can enhance the growth of very resistant strains that may prevent this from working. Don’t relent until you see a change.

6 Powerful ways to avoid Social Media Distractions

Perfect Solution to Kill Bad Breath in Just One Week

Causes of Bad Breath (Halitosis) by Dr. Kiehl

I want to take a few minutes to talk about the causes of bad breath just so you know the technical term, halitosis simply means bad breath. This is derived from the Latin word halitosis meaning breath or exhalation and the Greek suffix ‘osis’ meaning a process or condition. One quick point before I get started, saliva is important to hygiene in our mouth, contains enzymes that help break down food and maintain the acid-base balance at your mouth both of which block the growth potential of bacteria. It has antibacterial properties as well including compounds such as IgA an antibody that plays a critical role in immunity lactoferrin lysozyme and peroxidase. These are essential to our oral hygiene and ultimately to our overall body health as well.

Motivational Nuggets that will raise you above mediocrity

The best decision is the decision you make that you feel proud of at any point in your life. Make decisions that you'll be bold to say you are responsible for your decision.

List of countries Celebrating Father's day on the 18th of June, 2017

Happy father's day to everyone around the world. It's been wonderful over here. How about you? Father's day is a day dedicated to celebrating all fathers. As we all know, a father is a man that has a child. So, I will like every one of you to tell us your story on how you celebrated father's day. Below I have provided a list of countries celebrating father's day today by alphabetical order. Many countries have different dates in which they celebrate father's day. There are 87 Countries celebrating father's day today, unlike mother's day. Today's Father's day is always celebrated on the third Sunday of June yearly. You can scroll down to see if your country is celebrating father's day today.

How to monitor your kids online activities using google search history

We are living in a digital  age where everything is found online both the good and the bad. Kids, partners, parents and friends use this golden opportunity to search for information online. Most people go above board by going into uncensored blogs and website to satisfy their filthy desires. I am writing this post mostly for parents to learn how to monitor their kids using google search history.

Simple Steps on How to roast corn with charcoal

The subject matter sounds so simple but many people don't really know how to roast corn properly, even those in the rural area. This is the most  popular snack for this season in Nigeria. I  thought it would be nice to share the recipe on how to roast corn with charcoal. Well, for those that have low capital, this is a business you can't afford to lose. People hardly pass by without  buying  roasted corn sold by the road site. Combining it with roasted African pear makes it more finger licking.

4 Rules for storing perfume

In 2014, I  made a very wonderful perfume that everybody around me liked. Two months later, I discovered that the perfume had changed its fragrance to a malodorous smell. At that stage, I took this perfume of mine to show to my dad. Though he did not give any bad review but the look on his face told me it wasn't that nice. Well, he was still glad that I had learnt something new.

Simple recipe for making palm kernel oil at Home

There are many things one can use kernel oil to do. In fact too innumerable to mention. I grew up using locally made palm kernel oil. Then we applied it topically after bath, we normally will use it to treat convulsion, we used it to make black soap, we used it for ear pain,my grandma uses it to cook jellof rice. The numerous functions of palm kernel oil will be properly handled at the end of this post.

How can I soften my palms?

It is quite embarrassing and intimidating for you to have a handshake with somebody and his/her hands feels like a new born baby and yours like hard rock especially for the ladies. Though some people have argued that some hardness of the palm is inherited but a number of people that have hard palms are the ones that use it on hard objects or their job require using apparatuses with coarse texture. Whichever is the case (heredity or type of work), hard palm can be fully restored to very soft palms in less than no time. Below are few tips to keep your hands soft like a new born baby.

How to make Air Freshener gel

Fresheners are products that can release the chemicals they contain into the air  intended to dampen bad smell  so as to make  the room/surrounding comfortable. Forms of freshener in the market are solid (used for cabinets and toilets), liquid, spray and gel. Fragrances, gel is usually laid out by hanging or placed in a place.   Gel Air fresheners keeps rooms, offices and cars always scented. The advantage it has over the spray air freshener is it's continuous diffusion . Once the container is opened, the scent diffuses into the whole space. You don't need to always apply it.