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Friday, 10 March 2017

The power of belief

Have you ever wondered why affirmations don't seem to work for you? May be you've wondered why your case is different from others who have given positive reports of replacing their negative thoughts with positive ones. Do you know that the greatest defeat starts with you? The greatest victory or defeat starts in your mind. It is also true that more positive thoughts help to diminish negative  thought. You may have rehearsed so many positive thought,  seen so many motivational videos, read books more than you can shake stick at to improve on yourself but to no avail. If you do all these things  and don't believe in yourself, it won't work for you. Dream Big, Find your niche

The world is full of discouragement, full of people that want to run you down, they don't believe you can do it. Do you want to agree with them? Les  Brown once said "don't let someone's opinion of you be your reality". Sometimes or most times we are forced  not to believe in ourselves. The only thing that can empower your affirmation and turn them to  reality is your believe.

Have you ever wondered why you have  not started doing the things you want badly? Its because you do not believe you can do it. You're afraid to try, you're afraid of failing , you are afraid of taking risk which in itself is a risk on your happiness. No matter how much motivation you get from all sources available, if you don't believe in yourself, it won't work for you.

Believe is not just saying "yes I can do it" and you don't get up from your sit to do it. Believe simply means yes I can do it then you get up and do it. If you believe you can do it then stand up and do it. That is the challenge for you right now. If you cannot get up and start working on your goals, no matter how little they are. then its time you knew you are not going to go anywhere. Start with the little you can. You are going to achieve success according to the level of believe in you.

How do you make healthy beliefs? You make healthy beliefs by removing  situations that would stand as a barrier to your beliefs. Sometimes they're toxic ideas from close friends, family members etc. Most times you wonder why outsiders believe in you than your close associates. Kindly avoid situations that these guys would put a dent on your beliefs. Move away from friends who come as wolfs  in sheep clothing to mar your beliefs. They may just speak as a mere joke, ridicule or mockery or  in severe situations persecutions but in essence, it is a trick to push out your beliefs and install their beliefs of you. At  first it may seem like it has done nothing to you but much later you begin to find out that much have been dumped into your subconscious and you if  don't take necessary steps to rejuvenate your believe, you will soon start to loose your grounds.

It is very important that your write down your goals and objectives and read them every day. This will serve as  a reminder to help you focus on your beliefs. Make out time to pray about your beliefs and future. Click here to know how to live up to the challenge

The reason why should believe in yourself is you can accomplish any task you want when you believe in yourself.
Have a nice day!

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