Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The sense of contribution

The era of modernity we find ourselves resulted as a cumulative of contributions from individuals who had lived. Each of these individuals gave a quota of their endeavours which stemmed from their unique abilities to identify, define, and put into practice their God-given innate talents. 

Without these contributions, the world will never grow and would have been in a standstill position. Most of them had courage despite all odds to achieve their goal. They had this sense of contribution which created a pace for their success.

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Many people today just want to remain where they are. They are just satisfied with acquired knowledge, skills, education without thinking of ways to add value or to expand knowledge of the pre-existing ideas and ways of life. 

The two brothers who invented the airplane took it upon themselves and saw the need for humans to be transported in a quicker and faster way breaking the barrier of landscape, seas, mountains, etc. 

Though their model of aircraft may not still be in existence, their invention was quite remarkable because none had ever achieved such success. Society would have been brought to a halt if, after such inventions, no work was done. They contributed their quota by bringing the initiative of inventing a craft that can fly in the sky while others built on the foundation they had laid making transportation a lot easier and faster.

As humans, we must have that sense of contribution and once we recognise that we are obligated to contribute as others have contributed, we force our minds to go wild searching for that unique potential that may be detected earlier or later on in life. 

Any human who does not want to contribute to humanity is a greedy fellow. He is termed as a child that inherited his father’s property and feels fulfilled with them. He does not seem to make any effort to create his wealth so that others too will feel His impact. No legacy to leave behind.  But a wise fellow will use what has been created to make more wealth. By doing this, he has been able to contribute and create wealth that will be passed on to his generation. 

The body called science is full of contributions that have been for thousands of years. I want you to imagine how it would have looked like if these contributors never did anything. They recognised a problem, saw the need of the people and visualised how these problems/needs could be taken care of.

Today we celebrate them because of the contributions they made. Great entrepreneurs today have this awesome potential of contributing to society. They solve problems and convert solutions to wealth.

When people complain about racism I just shake my head and say ‘‘you have not offered anything’’. If you have something uniquely different to offer, you will be honoured for who you are. The masses are not going to look at your skin colour, deformity, or physical appearance. They will be looking at you from your point of contribution. Sometimes even your flaws are counted as perfect. Unique contribution breaks the chains of racism, it set you at liberty to talk to any man regardless of his status, colour, or race. 

People have been neglected, stigmatised and persecuted all because of their race but, when they made remarkable contributions to humanity, their stories changed from public disgrace to fame. People now want to hear from them, they want to tap knowledge and wisdom from their success. The world has forgotten about their race, and now they are being celebrated because they made outstanding contributions. These famous men or women had many times been challenged and they lived up to the challenge.  Those challenges helped to strengthen their feeble knees. They were not ready to retreat or give up.

We are living in an era where nearly everything is on the bed of roses. Many activities that took a long time, can now be done in a split second. Under normal circumstances, this is supposed to speed up our creative abilities and facilitate our progress but the reverse is the case. People have become so relaxed, lazy, and without purpose, waiting to be spoon-fed by the latest inventions or discoveries. Have you ever sat to ask yourself “Why can I not invent or discover something that will be of help to society?” The clothes we wear, the food we eat, the electricity we enjoy and do all electronic operation, the improved health care system, the economy, the cutting edge technology, a few but to mention were all done by persons or group of persons who saw the need for better living.

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As humans begin to evolve, the population increased with a multiplicity of wants.  For these humans to adapt to these conditions before them, they had to develop ways to improve their living standards. Old paths were no longer suitable for their generation so they had to work hard to see that they survived and not just surviving that they make living more convenient. They were led by their instinct, they saw possibilities of coming out with something that will be useful and beneficial to mankind.

 They might have had mates who had greater opportunities than them but could not utilized them. They were driven by their passion and powered by their curiosity to ensure that they lived a happier and successful life. There are many factors to be considered when looking at how these individuals achieved success. These include curiosity, passion, mindset, determination, focus, and persistency.

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