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Determination of minerals in a sample

Minerals help the body to grow, develop, and stay healthy and perform many different functions - from building strong bones to transmitting nerve impulses. Some minerals are also used to make hormones or maintain a normal heart-beat. Minerals are also important components of various enzymes, haemoglobin, chlorophyll in plants and electron transport.

Mineral digestion
§  Prepare triacid in ratio 65:20:3. The triacid includes: Nitric acid, per chloric acid, sulphuric acid.
§  1g of the sample is turned into the flask and 20ml of the triacid is added and then heated gently and strongly in a safety cabinet.
§  When the heating is completed, allow to cool. Distilled water is added to digest to reach 250 or 200 mark and then filtered using filter paper.
Using Uv – Vis spectrophotometer

For each mineral element that is to be analyzed, a particular wavelength is given according to standards.


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