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Easter: He is the reason for the season

As we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus from death, let us take inventory of how far we’ve gone since we met Christ. It is the greatest privilege for the almighty God to step in flesh to redeem mankind. We were condemned and lost in sin but  His loving kindness and mercy saved us.  The grace of God reached down to us and we’ve got to accept it by faith. As we commemorate this day, remember He was wounded for your transgression, He was bruised for your iniquities, the chastisement of your peace was upon his shoulder, with His stripes you were healed.

Now, when He hanged on that cross, He said “it is finished” you can name anything you want to, remember He said, “it is finished”. It is finished for your sickness, troubles, cares, burden, depression, worries, trials, and temptation, etc. Now, you have to have faith in the finished work, because faith without work is death. And faith does not work by our human comprehension. You’ve got to trust Him more and more and believe Him with all your heart for He said “I will never leave you nor forsake you”.

May your Christianity never come to a stage of forgetting the finished work. He first loved us, we have to love Him too. And if you love Him sincerely from your heart, you’ll keep His commandments. He said, “if we love him and do the things of the world, the love of the father is not even in us”. We must love Him with all that we’ve got. Give Him preeminence for He is the reason for the season, He deserves our worship and praise. Our God is not dead, He is alive and lives forevermore. Too many times we get too busy until we don’t stop to give Him the praise and worship He deserves. We tend to give Him leftover. He wants your best because He deserves it. He wants your hands because He deserves it, He wants your praise because He deserves it, He wants your lips because He deserves. Why does God deserve all this? He deserves it because He created you for this purpose.

Yes, we can shout and sing He is alive because we know that we know that we know that the grave could not hold Him. Even if the whole army in the world surrounded His grave, that would not have stopped Him. The guards could not hinder Him. Even the grave could not hinder Him. He is coming back again for His saints. If He promised to come down and redeem mankind and He did, then He is going to keep to His word by coming back again. Get prepared to meet Him. Time is short!  

Happy Easter Celebration!!!


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