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How to calculate percentage for your Perfume formula

You don’t need a degree in maths to calculate percentage for your perfume Formula . If you are new to percentage calculation in perfume or you don’t know why you are calculating percentage, please visit the previous post on the types of perfume for a background.

Conventionally all liquids are supposed to be measured by volume, some perfumers do prefer measuring their fragrance by weight. Whichever method you want to use is okay provided you stick to the same method all the time i.e  don't measure by volume one time and weight the next, or mix the two methods unless you write it down in your notes that A was by volume, B by weight. Precise measurements are very important if you need to reproduce your formulas.

   Let’s get cracking

1.    Multiply the percent by the volume or weight that you want to prepare. Let’s assume I want to prepare 2% of a certain fragrance in 3ml. Then it is  going to be 2 x 3 =6
2.    Divide the answer by 100 .  e.g 6/100 = 0.06

From the above we see that to prepare 2% of a certain fragrance in 3ml will be 0.06 grammes or mls. Do the same for all the remaining fragrance you want to incorporate into the perfume formula. Do the same for alcohol. 

Remember to always keep your notebook and pen to record. The total percentage of all the fragrance plus alcohol must be equal to 100% else your calculation was wrong.


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