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How to make Morning Fresh liquid soap in Nigeria

Liquid soap is one of the simplest soaps to make. Once measured, the steps are very clear and concise. The liquid soap below is made in 5 litres. You can increase yours by multiplying each measurement by the numbers of litres you want to make.

Since there's a huge demand for the purchase of the ingredients needed for making liquid soap, sellers of liquid soap ingredients have the measurement already.

The most popular brand name in Nigeria is called " Morning fresh". The time has come where you have to do it yourself and save alot of cost. The ingredients will be listed and explained so that you know the functions of each chemical in case of necessity.
All you need to do is tell them the amount you want to make. You may use the measurement below if you have a measuring scale. The advantage of this soap: is it is quite cheaper to make than the coconut oil liquid soap. Find out the price of making liquid soap across Nigeria

  • SLS
  • Soda ash
  •  STTP
  • Sulphonic acid 
  • Nitrosol 
  • Texapon 
  • Water 
  • Colour 
  • Fragrance 
  • Caustic Soda 
  • Methyl Paraben or Formalin
  • Glycerin  
  • Menthol ( for shampoo)

Functions of the Ingredients

SLS is the acronym for Sodium lauryl sulphate: SLS is used in many detergent products and toothpaste. Its produces bubbles, it is a surfactant. A surfactant tends to reduce the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved.

Soda Ash it is used to soften water. It is a stain remover.

STTP ( Sodium tripolyposphate ) softens water.

Nitrosol acts as a thickener

Sulphonic Acid: It makes the soap to have lather thereby reducing the hardness of water

Texapon is a thickner. When combined with nitrosol, thickens the soap a lot

Caustic soda is used to remove dirts in clothes.

Fragrance gives the liquid soap a scent
Colour: Its gives the liquid soap a definite colour

Procedure with measurement

  • 60g of SLS is dissolved in 1litre of water and kept
  • 50g of soda ash is dissolved in a litre of water and kept

Production Proper
  • 3 litres of water is turned into a plastic container and 60g of nitrosol is added and mixed.
  • Soda ash solution above is added and stirred
  • 60g of texapon is also added and mixed
  • Followed by 250ml of sulphonic acid and mixed
  • Add 60g of caustic soda in water and mix with STTP and then turn to mixing container.
  • Then 20g of methyl paraben is added and stirred
  • SLS solution earlier prepared is added and stirred
  • Then 15ml of fragrance is added and stirred
  • Lastly, 0.5g of colour is dissolved in water and added to the mixture and kept for 24hrs.
  • Altogether will be five litres
Another method from One of IMH's blog member 
In this method, all the powder ingredients are mixed together in one bowel without adding water.

Mix the liquid ones in another separate bucket and mix

Next, get water according to the measurement above in a separate bucket
Gradually, add the powder ingredients gradually to the bucket of water and stir
Then add the liquid ones to bucket of water too.

How to make Shampoo 
Same as in liquid soap except for the addition of glycerin and menthol.
Use pink or yellow colour. 

Liquid soap issues
If your liquid soap is not foaming add sulphonic acid and SLS

If your liquid soap is too watery simply dissolve table salt in warm water and add to the liquid soap and its going to thicken immediately.

If your liquid soap is too harsh add more glycerin

If you are making it as car wash add glycerin and use deep blue colour

You can also learn how to make coconut oil liquid soap here
Find out the price of making liquid soap across Nigeria 


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    1. Thank you very much for reading and commenting

  2. what is the quantity of glycerine to add if i want to use the liquid soap as both for car wash and shampoo

    1. As you you desire. Personally I put 50 ml for 20 liters which is very moderate. For 5 litres in this case you can put13 ml of glycerine to 5litres liquid soap.

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