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Let's Go to the Perfume Laboratory (Sample Recipe)

I am writing this post in reaction to my page viewers request for a Sample formula for perfume. I will provide samples of different blend of fragrance or essential oils for you to  try out. 

Things to note: Like I said earlier in the previous post, for you to have a signatory perfume or customize perfume, you must carryout experiment. And in this experiment, recording is very very essential because you may never get the same result again in your life time. That is if you did not record the measurement. You must have a pen and a paper by your side to take all the measurements and the  results.

The next thing you need is a measuring cylinder. Since this is the experimental phase of  perfume making, you will need a measuring cylinder of 10mls or simple buy a syringe.

Lets get going............

Methanol 16ml
1. Lemon, Lime, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus 1omls each2. Rose, Hardy, Blueberries, Lavender  
1omls each
3. Balila, Lemon, vanilla, Rose    
1omls each
4 Hardy, Vanilla,Banana, Balila     
1omls each

Apparatus: Measuring cylinder or syringe, Small bottles, perfume bottles,

First you pick the category you want to try out i.e either 1,2,3 or 4 
The volume of methanol will be constant

Blend A
1. Methanol 4ml, Lemon 1ml, Peppermint 1ml, Rosemary 1 ml. Eucalyptus 2ml 
2. Methanol 4ml, Rose 1ml, Hardy 3mls,Blueberries 1ml,  Lavender 1ml
3.Methanol 4ml, Ballila 3ml, lemon 1ml, vanilla 2ml
4. Methanol 4ml, Vanilla 2ml, Bananna 1ml, Balila 3ml

Blend B
1. Methanol 4ml, Lemon 2ml, Peppermint 1ml, Rosemary 2 ml. Eucalyptus 1ml 
2. Methanol 4ml, Rose 2ml, Hardy 2mls,Blueberries 2ml,  Lavender 1ml
3.Methanol 4ml, Ballila 2ml, lemon 2ml, vanilla 2ml
4. Methanol 4ml, Vanilla 2ml, Bananna 2ml, Balila 2ml

Blend B
1. Methanol 4ml, Lemon 2ml, Peppermint 1ml, Rosemary 2ml. Eucalyptus 1ml 
2. Methanol 4ml, Rose 3ml, Hardy 1mls,Blueberries 1ml,  Lavender 1ml
3.Methanol 4ml, Ballila 1ml, lemon 2ml, 3vanilla 1ml
4. Methanol 4ml, Vanilla 3ml, Bananna 1ml, Balila 2ml

Pick only one number from each of the blend, go to the chemical store and buy them. Lets assume you picked no. 1 to try out. You are going to try no.1A, No.2A and No.3A

If you had a wonderful blend and you want to customize and produce in large quantity, you can leave a comment below so that I instruct you on how to multiply the volumes.

Add 1 ml of any fixative of your choice to the each of the one you try so that the smell can last. When you through cover the perfume cap tightly.

Keep track of your thoughts on scent, here’s a list of questions to ask yourself.
  1. What do I enjoy about this scent?
  2. What do I not like about this scent?
  3. What does it remind me of?
  4. Do I smell anything in particular first? Second?
  5. How does it make me feel?
  6. How does it smell after 2 hours? 4 hours?


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