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6 teaching strategies to help your students understand your topic

There are a lot of people that are so brainy but when it comes to impacting what they know to someone else, their score would be complete zero. The art of teaching is another ball game altogether from intelligence. A lot of people spend time talking without removing what is in their mind to the listener. Below are simple strategies that you can adopt to make your students understand your tutorial

Simple Steps on How to make Custard

What you need 2 cups of Corn Starch flour 4 drops of banana flavour 2 drops of vanilla flavour A little sugar A pinch of salt Egg York

Simple steps on How to make Wet Cassava Chips

This wonderful delicacy is always eaten as a snack. It is usually combined with either coconut, palm kernel or groundnut( peanut).It is made from cassava. Taking this snack on a hot day will regulate your temperature and give you the comfort you need.

How is palm oil produced?

Palm oil is gotten from the fruits of palm tree. In the industry, palm oil is used for making cosmetic, soap,ink, waxes, toothpaste and lubricant. I don't know about your country but the country I come from (Nigeria), Palm oil is an indispensable oil for cooking nearly all Nigerian meals. Over 90% of Nigerian Population use palm oil for cooking daily.

Simple steps on how to extract pure avocado oil

The importance of avocado oil cannot be overemphasised as it has been used for centuries in various cosmetic products. Sometimes most cosmetic Industries do not add these oils well enough for consumers to benefit. Some may just put the fragrance of it so that it smells like it meanwhile it is not even there. Why should  you depend on these products when you can do it yourself with easy and comprehensible steps. Avocado oil is highly moisturizing for skin and hair.

Simple steps on how to extract almond oil

Almond oil has been known for the following benefits:   for smooth, flawless skin, for deep cleansing of skin,to remove dark circles & tan,to relieve eczema & psoriasis,to improve memory & cognition,to treat skin rashes,to reduce fine lines & other signs of aging,to control hair loss, for muscle aches & fatigue,for long shiny hair,for heart health. You can  also search for more  benefit of using almond oil on google.

4 ways to never run out of ideas as a blogger

Have you ever been short of ideas when you felt you should have written something? Bloggers, freelancers, writers, etc at one point or the other are faced with this problem from beginners to advance writers. There was a certain day, I wanted to write, instantly I became blank. I just sat down for nearly two hours without writing a line. Well, it was later on I discovered that I was utilizing the wrong time for the right thing. I have drawn out few tips that will keep you inspired to write or post, or blog often. They are strategies to keep ideas flowing without stress.

How to make Coconut Oil

The uses of coconut oil cannot be overemphasized. Coconut oil plays a very vital role in cosmetics which includes areas like skin and hair. It is mostly used to rejuvenate and moisturize the skin, it penetrates into the hair than other oils,  Clear off stretch marks, soap making, it is used for oral hygiene etc.

Simple steps on how to make yam and plantain flour

Yam can be cooked in various forms either through boiling, porridge or pounded. The flour aspect has not been widely used. Cassava, corn, guinea corn have been used for donkey years for making flour. The market is not saturated with yam flour so you can give it a try. Plantain just like yam can be prepared in various ways.   Boiled and eaten with beans or vegetable or cooked as porridge.  Plantain flour is highly recommended for diabetic patients because of its low sugar profile. The demand for yam flour is high outside Nigeria.

5 Simple Ways to prevent Body odour

Body odour is an unpleasant smell  caused by bacteria that have metabolized the body sweat. The armpit region is the most affected area that emits unpleasant smell. Other areas includes: the navel, the anus and the genital tract. This areas emit a great amount of odour because of the  type of gland that is found there called the apocrine gland. The apocrine gland produces alot of sweat which  in turn serve as  food for  bacteria. Body odour is the byproduct produced after bacteria has fed on sweat.

How to make Vegetable and Fruit Salad

Salads are of different kinds and types. The type of salad prepared depends largely on the type of fruits/vegetable available in your region. Salads are  great recipes for restoring all vitamins and minerals  in the body as it combines not only one fruit/vegetable but a variety of them. They also contain fiber and carbohydrate in the form of sugar. It is highly recommended that you take this recipe for overall freshness, immunity, and restoration of the body's natural state. Most of the fruits and vegetables used below are antioxidants which help to mop  up free radicals in the body that causes aging.  Salads can also be used as an appetizer. Let's get cracking

Price of Making Liquid Soap Across Nigeria

I wanted to carryout a survey on the price of making liquid soap across Nigeria, so I decided to ask my fellow DIY members because since the beginning of this year, the prices of various market stuffs have increase greatly. This was my question "  I wish to know the price of making 10litres liquid soap in your different locations. I think its a bit on the high side in my area (Calabar). Its N2550 for 10 litres Tell us your location and price. Let the comments roll so that we can help one another. Also, Caustic soda is 500 per kg Soda ash is 400 per kg Chlorine is 2000 per kg Thank you all"

Beware of Ransomware Virus!

Few days ago, I got a message on whatsapp from a friend " Massive Ransomware attack...... Total 74 countries affected... Please do not open any email which has attachments with "tasksche.exe" file. Please inform all your contacts from your list not to open a video called the " The dance of the hilary". It is a virus that formats your mobile.  Beware it is very dangerous. They announced it today on BBCradio. Fwd this msg as many as you can!"

How is Melt and Pour Soap made?

Melt and pour soaps are soaps made from already made soaps. They are melted using heat and then modified a little bit and turned into a mould to become bar again. Advantages of making this type of soap are: it  saves  time, there is less likelihood of hazards and does not have a long curing time. Once the soap is dried, it is ready for use.

Simple Steps on How to make Perfume from Flowers

If you have flowers in your house and you sweep the petals away you are  a bit wasteful, may be you didn’t know. The petals of flowers can be nicely scented. The scents of flower can be extracted using a very simple method. No serious apparatus is needed, just your basic kitchen equipment.

Cocoa Butter Soap and Shear Butter Soap for normal to dry skin

Ingredients Cocoa Butter/Soap 846g Coconut oil 269g Cocoa butter 242g Palm oil 213g lye 505ml Distilled water

Simple Steps on how to make Olive oil Soap

 The benefits of olive oil to the skin are innumerable. This range from enriching the skin with vital nutrients to mopping out free radicals from the skin thereby preventing aging. It  is very safe  for the most sensitive skin. It contains anti-aging phenol. It tones, brighten and remove wrinkles from the skin.

7 Simple steps to stay Positive

We are created to be happy beings. Once in a while, toxic thoughts fly into our minds. Our reaction to these thoughts will determine their longevity. If you invest your time on negative things, and you keep nursing these thoughts until it gradually becomes habitual, you will always produce negative results. Victory begins in the mind. It is your right to stay positive.

32 Ingredients Prohibited in All Types of Cosmetics

The ingredients of cosmetics are combined so as to give the aimed product form, which depend on the category of cosmetics (shampoos, conditioners, creams, facial toner, body shampoo, lipsticks, foundations, etc.), and to match the purpose of the product. All the categories of cosmetics will be briefly discussed before listing out the 32 ingredients prohibited in all types of cosmetics.

How to Increase Blog traffic using Facebook

Go to my channel for more The above video shows  a simple method I used to increase my blog traffic You can see it for your self. This is not  some robot stuff because robot won't have enough brain to chat me up for more clarification on what i have posted. This is one of the coolest way I think there is to drive traffic fast to your site. By sharing your content where they are needed. Sharing your content where they are not needed is like a waste of time. I came to realise that Facebook was the best platform to advertise the wonderful content in my blog. Look for  a group that discusses what you have on your blog and share your content. When you publish your content, tag it to your friends so that it will appear on their wall and their friends who seem interested in your post will come to your website. Though i didn't discuss Google + in that video, i think is a cool way to start promoting your blog because it gets index faster on google search engine than your ne

How to react to criticism (best trick ever)

As humans, every one of us has a picture of what each person looks like whether it is fact or not. We have a classification system in our brains that helps us to distinguish, define and tag certain things to people whether there truly what we perceive or not. Now, in the first place that is not the way you see yourself. That may not be the way your brain reads your ability. We tend to worry about what others think about us. We want them to praise us before we become happy.

Natural ways to make your teeth white and sparkling

There are a lot of synthetic teeth whitener products out there. We tend to change from one product to the other without yielding the desired result. Sometimes, they actually yield result with severe consequences greater than their benefit. We nearly or completely forget the cheap, natural and safe methods of brushing our teeth that will make it whiter, sparkling and healthier.

Perfume for men and Women

We’ve often seen perfume packaged  for men only or for women only at one point or the other. Wherever this concept originated from, one cannot tell. But it has been before long that certain fragrances were meant for either male or female. This remains an external classification.

Simple steps on how to make a shampoo bar

If you have been following my post on soap making, you should have been acquainted by now with the basic process of soap making. In case you're just visiting this site for the first time, click here to see all that I have talked about on Soap making. Today as the title suggest, we are going to learn how to make shampoo bar using castor oil, palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil. Before we dash into today's business let's look briefly at the functions of these oils.

Simple Steps on how to make Antiseptic Soap

Today I am going to share with you my favorite antiseptic soap made from purely natural oils. Before I go further to the procedure of making this wonderful antiseptic soap, I will like to highlight briefly on  the functions of each of these  oils.

Dream Big! Work Hard!! Find your Niche!!!

More often than not people dream big and do not follow after their dreams. When you dream in the natural, you don’t remain in the dream. You wake up. A lot of persons have wonderful and powerful ambitions but don’t want to work hard for them, making their aspirations achievable . Anything conceivable is achievable. “All our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them”. How do you pursue them? We pursue them by converting them to plans and plans to action, Action leads to a result. Plans serve as a road map to our destination. “Knowing is not enough, you must take action” Tony Robbins

More people are excited to see someone fall

One of the videos that went viral on YouTube lately  (has 12 million views within two months ) was that of prettyboyfredo published on the 12 th of march, 2017 titled “ MARRIAGE PROPOSAL GONE WRONG!! SHE SAID NO!!!”.  He pranked the public in a mall. In this dramatic scene, he told all the people to watch him propose marriage to his girlfriend. He was so excited as if that was the happiest day in his life. He told the cameramen to get set to video. Here stands everybody watching how this romantic scene is going to unfold.

Perfumery: Top note, middle note and Base note and examples

Note in perfumery is a term use to describe the rate of volatility  of  the scent of a perfume when worn. They are basically three classes of notes. The top/head note, middle/heart note and the base note. Each of these classes has a time frame in their longevity. The fragrance we use to make perfume, fall under one of these classes of notes. A Perfume for instance that contains only top note will not stand the test of time. In order to have a lasting fragrance, you have to wisely incorporate the three classes of notes in your perfume. Earlier we discuss fixative some of these notes are fixatives.

Simple steps on how to make Black soap from Scratch

Black Soap is a soap with particular usage in the African society. Black Soap  before long has been used as antiseptic bathing soap. Before the production of lye from synthetic products, soap makers made lye from the ashes of hard wood. The advent of synthetic lye has slowly reduced the usage of  natural lye in soap making. But a few people still use them to make soap. Potassium hydroxide is mostly used to make  liquid soap but in this case, it can be used to make semi solid soaps.

Simple steps on how to make Liquid soap from coconut oil

Earlier, I posted recipe on how to make liquid soap using the cold process. Today I’m going to share with you the hot process of making liquid soap. In one of the previous post, I talk about the difference between caustic soda (NaOH, Sodium hydroxide) and Caustic Potash (KOH, Potassium hydroxide).   Caustic soda is used for making solid soaps, while caustic potash is used for making liquid soap.