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4 ways to never run out of ideas as a blogger

Have you ever been short of ideas when you felt you should have written something? Bloggers, freelancers, writers, etc at one point or the other are faced with this problem from beginners to advance writers. There was a certain day, I wanted to write, instantly I became blank. I just sat down for nearly two hours without writing a line. Well, it was later on I discovered that I was utilizing the wrong time for the right thing. I have drawn out few tips that will keep you inspired to write or post, or blog often. They are strategies to keep ideas flowing without stress.

 Know the time  idea flows: As humans, we have a certain time ideas flow like a rushing wind. For me it is in the morning when i wake from sleep.Utilized this time maximumly to get all your post title ready. Within this time, make outline of the post titles you have been able to come up with. Do this same time everyday. By doing this, you will never lack what to discuss or write.  You can write as much as possible according to how the ideas come. After doing that, you can go about your normal activities and come back later in the day to expand the post and outline you've written. Outside this time, idea may not flow the way its suppose to  even the ones you know.  There'll be days where even your peak time of idea flow will be retarded.All you need to do is to fall back to  the previous piece you've written and expand the post and outline.

Select unexplained words, phrases and sentences  from popular post and repost
Popular post shows that most visitors to your blog  view these posts the most. Go back to your previous post and search for unexplained words, phrases and sentences that were not in detail. Expand and explain them in a new post. Let your new post link back to the previous post you drew the topic from. This will give the reader a chronological order of your post and it will help the reader to read more than one post in your blog. If there were questions raised, bring forward those questions and answer them.

Make a survey on the most sought Topic through the comment section  and repost
Visitors will always come back when they always get answers to their questions.  Take time to make a little survey on the most frequently asked questions and repost them as  new topic. Even in business, growth seem to be highest when there is high demand for goods and services. So it is with blogging and writing. When you hit what people are actually looking for, there's no limit to how much traffic you will drive to your site.  Keep expanding this topic until you saturated all the questions anyone can think of.

Read Books and Articles related to your blog content/ What you write
Most times we have the ideas, we know the pros and the cons in our minds, but we lack ways to express them, we cannot make it  crystal clear for anyone to read and understand. We become stocked up on the way. Therefore, it is important that you develop the habit of reading books and articles related to your blog content. These articles will inspire, motivate and give you more insight on how to scribble  out something for your readers to benefit.

Don't be a man alone writer. A tree cannot make a forest. You need to incorporate the ideas of others with yours and then write in your own language and styles. You do this by digesting those materials relevant to your blog content and then combining them with your pre existing knowledge to make out your own post.  This will not only earn your a good write up but a versatile write up.  Your post should fill in the gaps of other bloggers post. Make your post easy to understand.
A good writer must be a good reader.

Have a nice day!


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