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Dream Big! Work Hard!! Find your Niche!!!

More often than not people dream big and do not follow after their dreams. When you dream in the natural, you don’t remain in the dream. You wake up. A lot of persons have wonderful and powerful ambitions but don’t want to work hard for them, making their aspirations achievable. Anything conceivable is achievable. “All our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them”. How do you pursue them? We pursue them by converting them to plans and plans to action, Action leads to a result. Plans serve as a road map to our destination. “Knowing is not enough, you must take action” Tony Robbins

Crystallize your dreams into writing

Tons of ideas flow daily in our minds. Chances are we may never remember what we imagined, or created in our mind or they may be distorted by other channels of communication. The importance of writing can never be overemphasized. Think of what the world will look like without any written document. From time immemorial, writing has been one of the greatest tools of all ages to pass information from generation to generation. Through writing, we can communicate with the rich, the poor, the needy, etc. Through writing, we can dash directly into the minds of great people and tap richly from their reservoir. Through writing, Technology grows by succession.
To fast forward, write down your dreams. Make them your plan.

Make your goal a must.

Your goals should be between life and death. It should be indispensable. It should not be well if works, if it doesn’t then I relax. People get excited at the first instance of beholding their dreams but only a few persons can hold the vision until the end. When excitement leaves can you still hold on to the vision? When your feelings look directly opposite your dream and vision, Will you be able to hold on?
Make sure you read your goal every day and if need be, prepare a schedule list and everyday tick off the once you have achieved and the once yet to attained. Visualize your result more often and stay positive. In your goals, they should be sub-goals that should keep you powerfully motivated and inspired so that at your downtimes you will be able to find the courage to move on. When you are down, you need the courage to pull you through. Courage is one of the best tools a weak man can use to weather him through storms. Be patient, Just like planting seeds, you don’t go the next day and dig them out to get your harvest so it is with a dream. Try your best, with all manner of strength but with patience until your dreams come through.

Find your Niche

What will it look like if a car dealer takes his car to a plantation to auction? To succeed in life, you must surround yourself with the people that are near your goal. Engage with them, render services for them even when not invited, form rapport with them, if you cannot meet them face to face buy their books. I think books are cool ways to get the central points of great minds. If you meet one of these guys, you may hardly shake their not to talk about discussing with them. So if they have books, tapes, videos, etc, endeavor to buy them and empower yourself. A plethora of people's dreams has been kidnapped, murdered, and stolen by associating with people that do not have the same mission as them.
Discard the negative thinkers as soon as possible, cause they will sow seeds that only you will harvest and face the consequences. These negative people have a poisonous disease that can infect you with disease attitudes. If you follow the right persons, your dream will expand and you will have clarity of purpose.
Remember your goals, your ambition should be within the landscape of your passion. Without passion every step taken is temporary. Passion is what fuels you.

Dream big, wake up from your sleep, and make it work.


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