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Perfume for men and Women

We’ve often seen perfume packaged  for men only or for women only at one point or the other. Wherever this concept originated from, one cannot tell. But it has been before long that certain fragrances were meant for either male or female. This remains an external classification.

There’s no harm in wearing a perfume made for the opposite sex provided it blends with your body smells. But I think, it has been the packaging strategy of perfume companies to designate a certain type of fragrance for a particular gender. Since it has been done that way, any persons who wears something contrary to the perfume industry prescription may be viewed by those who know the perfume absurd. 

If your skin goes with any perfume of your choice, use it. Never mind the company label.  Men's scent have been designed   to be strong, rich, woody, earthy, leatherish, herbaceous, and aromatic. Also, the fragrances for men are packaged in  grayscale color mostly gray, dark gray, navy, black, silver. Female perfumes have many more floral notes. They can be sweeter, lighter, and tend to not last as long. Women's fragrances have vivid colors based on fuschia coloring.

To conclude the above, I will say there are no perfume specifically meant for any gender. The true test is if the perfume in question fits your skin. If your body chemistry allows it, why should you believe the perfume company. The designation for male/female perfume is engendered by the perfume producers and therefore it’s a market strategy to lure a particular gender to buy certain kind of perfume. But I also think that they do this may be because of demand. If a certain perfume is on  high demand by the ladies, the company may suddenly change the package and repeat the same fragrance and labelled it for ladies.

If you have something to add to this or you have a contrary opinion, leave a comment below.


  1. I wear any lovely perfume be it for men or women.

    1. You are On point. people have been carried so long by that trend of men only or women only.


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