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Simple Steps on How to make Perfume from Flowers

If you have flowers in your house and you sweep the petals away you are  a bit wasteful, may be you didn’t know. The petals of flowers can be nicely scented. The scents of flower can be extracted using a very simple method. No serious apparatus is needed, just your basic kitchen equipment.

Today, you are going to learn simple method of extracting  fragrance from any flower of your choice.You can virtually use any flower of your choice to make your fragrance . The most frequently used flowers by perfume industries are: Roses, Jasmine, lilies, violets, orange flowers and plumeria.

What you need
Small pot, bowl, cheese clothe, distilled water and flower of your choice


  • Gather all the flower petal you need and wash them thoroughly to remove the sand and other contaminants from the petals
  • Chop them to small bits but not like vegetables
  • Spread cheese cloth inside the bowl you want to use. Make  sure the cheese clothe touches the edge of the bowl for easy removal.
  • Then turn the chopped flower petals into the bowl that has the cheese cloth
  • Measure some amount of water and turn into the bowl containing the flower petals. Ensure that the water covers the flower but not too much.
  •  Cover it and leave it there for 24 hours. After 24 hours , hold cheese cloth by the edges and then strain out the water from the cheese cloth. For stronger fragrance, you can use that same water for another batch of flowers
  • Turn the Perfume water  into  a pot and allow it to boil and evaporate  until a tablespoon of it is left.
  • Drop the pot down and turn the fragrance into a bottle
  • You can get either  use  ethanol or methanol to dilute it.
  • Leave for one to two days, apply it, if is too strong dilute it.


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