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Perfect Solution to Kill Bad Breath in Just One Week

Causes of Bad Breath (Halitosis) by Dr. Kiehl

I want to take a few minutes to talk about the causes of bad breath just so you know the technical term, halitosis simply means bad breath. This is derived from the Latin word halitosis meaning breath or exhalation and the Greek suffix ‘osis’ meaning a process or condition. One quick point before I get started, saliva is important to hygiene in our mouth, contains enzymes that help break down food and maintain the acid-base balance at your mouth both of which block the growth potential of bacteria. It has antibacterial properties as well including compounds such as IgA an antibody that plays a critical role in immunity lactoferrin lysozyme and peroxidase. These are essential to our oral hygiene and ultimately to our overall body health as well.

Motivational Nuggets that will raise you above mediocrity

The best decision is the decision you make that you feel proud of at any point in your life. Make decisions that you'll be bold to say you are responsible for your decision.

List of countries Celebrating Father's day on the 18th of June, 2017

Happy father's day to everyone around the world. It's been wonderful over here. How about you? Father's day is a day dedicated to celebrating all fathers. As we all know, a father is a man that has a child. So, I will like every one of you to tell us your story on how you celebrated father's day. Below I have provided a list of countries celebrating father's day today by alphabetical order. Many countries have different dates in which they celebrate father's day. There are 87 Countries celebrating father's day today, unlike mother's day. Today's Father's day is always celebrated on the third Sunday of June yearly. You can scroll down to see if your country is celebrating father's day today.

How to monitor your kids online activities using google search history

We are living in a digital  age where everything is found online both the good and the bad. Kids, partners, parents and friends use this golden opportunity to search for information online. Most people go above board by going into uncensored blogs and website to satisfy their filthy desires. I am writing this post mostly for parents to learn how to monitor their kids using google search history.

Simple Steps on How to roast corn with charcoal

The subject matter sounds so simple but many people don't really know how to roast corn properly, even those in the rural area. This is the most  popular snack for this season in Nigeria. I  thought it would be nice to share the recipe on how to roast corn with charcoal. Well, for those that have low capital, this is a business you can't afford to lose. People hardly pass by without  buying  roasted corn sold by the road site. Combining it with roasted African pear makes it more finger licking.

4 Rules for storing perfume

In 2014, I  made a very wonderful perfume that everybody around me liked. Two months later, I discovered that the perfume had changed its fragrance to a malodorous smell. At that stage, I took this perfume of mine to show to my dad. Though he did not give any bad review but the look on his face told me it wasn't that nice. Well, he was still glad that I had learnt something new.

Simple recipe for making palm kernel oil at Home

There are many things one can use kernel oil to do. In fact too innumerable to mention. I grew up using locally made palm kernel oil. Then we applied it topically after bath, we normally will use it to treat convulsion, we used it to make black soap, we used it for ear pain,my grandma uses it to cook jellof rice. The numerous functions of palm kernel oil will be properly handled at the end of this post.

How can I soften my palms?

It is quite embarrassing and intimidating for you to have a handshake with somebody and his/her hands feels like a new born baby and yours like hard rock especially for the ladies. Though some people have argued that some hardness of the palm is inherited but a number of people that have hard palms are the ones that use it on hard objects or their job require using apparatuses with coarse texture. Whichever is the case (heredity or type of work), hard palm can be fully restored to very soft palms in less than no time. Below are few tips to keep your hands soft like a new born baby.

How to make Air Freshener gel

Fresheners are products that can release the chemicals they contain into the air  intended to dampen bad smell  so as to make  the room/surrounding comfortable. Forms of freshener in the market are solid (used for cabinets and toilets), liquid, spray and gel. Fragrances, gel is usually laid out by hanging or placed in a place.   Gel Air fresheners keeps rooms, offices and cars always scented. The advantage it has over the spray air freshener is it's continuous diffusion . Once the container is opened, the scent diffuses into the whole space. You don't need to always apply it.

3 Natural Home Remedies for Dandruff

There's nothing as embracing as moving  with a hair full of  dandruff. While you sit or stand or move, tiny particles drop off your hair. The dangers of keeping dandruff are very enormous. Dandruff can cause baldness, poor hair growth and itchy scalp.  More advanced cases may cause intense itching, burning, and unstoppable scratching 

Simple steps on how to make 5 Different Homemade Hair conditioner

Before I move further to the recipe, I will like to highlight the benefits of the ingredients used in all recipes mentioned here.

How to make Peanut Butter ( Groundnut Paste)

Peanut butter is a very wonderful recipe that can be used in combination with foods like bread, different sandwiches, kolanuts and garden egg. In Nigeria, it is normally served on special occasions.

How to make Apple Cider Vinegar in Nigeria

The benefits  of Apple cider vinegar are very enormous. Apple cider vinegar are made simply by fermenting apple. As you all know, fermentation has to do with both bacteria and culture. Non harmful bacteria are grown in this media and they are fed with sugar to form this wonderful product. The longer it ferments, the better it gets.

Simple steps on how to make Beer Shampoo

Shampoos are hair care products that are used to  remove oil, dust, dirt, pollutants, and dead skin cells that build up on the  strands of your hair throughout the day without stripping too much oil that it  damages the hair strands. It contains surfactant which help to reduce the surface area between two liquid and  solid, in this case the hair. It also contain detergent, a water soluble cleansing agent  which when combined with dirts and impurities render them soluble for easy washing.

How to Browse the internet, chat on facebook and whatsapp with your voice as text

To some it sounds unbelievable but it's true. You can use your voice to search the internet, get directions, and create reminders. I find this feature very fascinating especially the search aspect. This feature is very fast and efficient. It saves you the time of typing. For those that their screen, keyboard is bad, this feature will enable you browse the internet at ease without typing a word. All you need to do is click the link after google has made the search.  Within seconds you can make 10 searches because it does not require the keyboard. You can also use this feature to chat on whatsapp It does this by converting your voice to text.