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4 Rules for storing perfume

In 2014, I  made a very wonderful perfume that everybody around me liked. Two months later, I discovered that the perfume had changed its fragrance to a malodorous smell. At that stage, I took this perfume of mine to show to my dad. Though he did not give any bad review but the look on his face told me it wasn't that nice. Well, he was still glad that I had learnt something new.

There were so many mistakes I made that made my perfume to go bad. In fact, the anxiety of making perfume made me to always open it.  So today, I thought it would be useful and necessary to share some of the method that  I later found out on how perfumes are being stored. I also discovered that many supermarkets and stores selling perfume, sometimes make some of these mistakes which make them not to last long in the hands of the final consumers.

   Now, how do you store perfume?

  • It is advisable to always store your perfume in a cool and dark place.Your perfume should always be prevented away from sunlight. The rays from the sun has the ability to denature the chemical composition of your perfume which will eventually destroy the fragrance or change it to something you never bargained for. Also, heat is capable of denaturing the composition of the essential oils in a perfume. When I say cool and dark place, I do not mean humid areas like the bathroom. The bathroom or any other humid place is not a good place to keep perfume. You can always store them in a drawer, closet or a cupboard.
  • Do not leave the cap of the perfume open: More often than not, we get carried away by activities and forget to simply  cover the perfume bottle the way it was. This simple act is capable of altering the chemical composition. When air from the surrounding enters the perfume, it can also alter its composition of the essential oil in the perfume chemically. Also, the top note in the perfume can easily diffuse out.
  • Do not transfer perfume from one bottle to another more than expected: In the process of transferring perfume from one bottle to another, it is possible to lose some of its fragrance quality. Therefore, it is advisable to leave them in the original bottle in which they were made.
  • Store them in a fridge: You can also preserve your perfume in a  moderate temperature in the refrigerator. The temperature should moderate.  It should just be a way  to make it cold not freeze. This is one of the tips used by perfumers to preserve perfumes. You can store it in your fridge ,if you wouldn't  mind it diffusing to other food in the fridge or simply keep it far away from others. Do not store in deep freezers because its going to condense quickly. Simply store it in one of the chambers that has the lowest freezing rate.


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