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How to monitor your kids online activities using google search history

We are living in a digital  age where everything is found online both the good and the bad. Kids, partners, parents and friends use this golden opportunity to search for information online. Most people go above board by going into uncensored blogs and website to satisfy their filthy desires. I am writing this post mostly for parents to learn how to monitor their kids using google search history.

Once you are signed in to google on your web browser, from then on google keeps track of every search you make on the internet and also keep track of  the sites you visit. So you can easily use this method to know what your kids are browsing on the internet, what they read and what they feed their intellectual mind.

This post is not to stir up envy and strive. It is to be used when necessary.
  Lets get cracking.

Remember for google to keep track of your search record, you must have signed in at some point or another.
Click on this url:
This is how the interface looks like

Click on the search tab to see all searches
Click on the Ads tab to see all the advertisement searches
Click on the help tab to see all google help searches
Click on the image  search tab to see all images searches
click on the YouTube tab to see all the searches made on YouTube
Scroll down to see all the  search history and sites visited
You can also use the search button to search  for certain keywords to fast track the process.

To delete search history
If you are the owner of this account and you don't want anybody to see your search history like you have just done,  you can delete the search history 
Simply go to article, click on those three vertical dots and then click delete
See image for description

To Delete Everything 
Click on delete activity by on the left menu
Select the date you want or choose everything to delete all
Choose the product you want to delete ( image search, YouTube etc)
Then click delete
See image

You can test this using your google account as demo.


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