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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Les Brown- It's Never Too Late. Take Action Now - 2017 Motivation (Transcript)

Below is a transcript of Les Brown Motivation video title It's never too late. Take action now. 2017. Click on the video below to watch. Audio will be available soon.

All of us at some time or another have agonized over making a decision some decisions of major decisions and also there are a lot of small decisions that we don't make that they task our minds, they drain our energy, they create a lot of anxiety and nervousness and mental torment because we don't take care of it. We decide not to decide which is a decision. Deciding to decide to act is a major, major challenge for all of us at different points in different areas of our lives and there are things that happen to us along the way, experiences that we have that prevent us from working through the mental block of acting of doing those things that we know we ought to do.

And so what I want you to think about is what is there that you know you need to do ,that you want to do this, but for some reason or another you've been holding back? For some reason or another you just have not been able to gather your nerves or be able to work through the procrastinating or putting it off or justifying or blaming? Some reason or another you just haven't done it and you know you ought to do this, you really want to do this but you don't know why you haven't done it. Anybody know what I'm talking about raise your hands please? Okay then I've got company here this evening. I'm not talking to myself.

Now, first of all what we know that this is not easy because in order to begin to reinvent your life you've got to make a conscious deliberate determined effort that you really got to put all of yourself into it. It's very challenging to add to do those things that times when you're looking at it, you say “I know I need to do this but I don't feel like It. I don't want to do it. I know I need to do it ,yet leave me alone no, I don't want to do it”.

So what do we do? One of those things that that cause us to do like that I think that among the things that prevent us from acting is the fear of failure. And if you've already failed, you want to fail again the pain of that, the disappointment. The fear of loss is another thing because many times when we do those things that we know we need to do, we feel that we might lose somebody that we love very much and care about. We don't want to hurt anybody. Many of us don't act because we want other people's approval, we want everybody to like us and to accept us and that's not possible. Many of us don't do the things that we want to do and don't act because of lack of self-confidence. We don't believe enough in ourselves.

I have a friend who's been working on a job where she's miserable, talented. Want to go to another place that she can do what she wants to do, and make the kind of money that she would like to make and had some offers. But because of her fear and her lack of self-confidence of things might not work out, she won't take a chance on herself. So there she is spending eight hours a day, five days a week and she's miserable. She hates to go to work. They’re not paying her what she's worth. She knows it but yet and still she won't do that which she knows she must do and it's wearing her out.

A lot of people that their jobs are making them sick because they won't act. You check out the absenteeism and people that are depressed, you see them coming to work angry. “How you doing?” “I don't know, just leave me alone. it's not even 9:00 o'clock yet, you're talking about good morning”. There’re days you got to work, you want to just keep drive past a job. You know you don't want to stop because it's not in sync with who you are, but you haven't acted.

Have another friend he's got brilliant, he's a business consultant. He helped a lot of people get their business started and people come to him because they know he's knowledgeable, but this guy won't start his own business. Now he's very smart, he can do it everybody believes in him except him and he's so smart he's talked himself out of where the numbers aren't right. So there are many reasons why we don't act. There are other things though that affect us is that not wanting to take personal responsibility. We want somebody else to do it and we many times, we pick up our inability to do certain things from people that we love, people that we admire, we identify with them and we live in the context of their ideas their opinions and their life patterns, We buy into it unconsciously. My mother is a pack rat, she keeps everything, she doesn't throw anything away. And I have unconsciously picked that up. Now, my mother never said let me show you how to keep everything Les than just clutter things. I unconsciously pick that up.

Many times unconsciously, we tried to honor the people we love by being like them, by the same token I realized something about myself when I had some major decisions to make and I found myself acting like my mother. See my mother's the kind of person that when she has a problem with one of the other foster children that she adopted, she won't confront them. She will call me “Les why don't you tell Linda to move she's lazy, she won't go to work, she runs the street all day and then she comes home and wants to sleep all day and I think she's doing drugs”. I said but mama” why don't you tell Linda that I bought the house for you. I told you when she wanted to come home, don't let a grown person come there and take care of them. You let her in “well after all she's my child” “mama then you handle that” When I tell her to leave she said “mama said” I can say mama, can I send you tell her? “yes and then you call me and say she's still here” Why worry me with this. So mama hasn't developed the courage to act on that. Some people won't act until there's a crises situation. When Linda started stealing from Mama and took a Social Security check to get some drugs, mama got some courage to say “get out of here don't ever come back”, but she wouldn't do it until then and see, We don't have to wait until a crisis situation.

I have a friend that had been having a challenge with losing weight( both of us have been dealing with that challenge) and for the past 40 years ,he's always seemed like weighed over 235 pounds and so he said man I just can't lose weight I'm big-boned it. I said “but I've never seen any fat skeletons”. Now you need to act on your health. You can change this, you don't have to go to your grave fat. We're all digging early graves with our teeth. We don't have to do this. They need to have a support group around M and M peanuts. You want to support group on something and throw Snickers in there too. But and I can tell you about the help we need with that.

 So what happened with Bud he became ill a few weeks ago, see Bud last few weeks has lost more weight than his ever lost even when we were competing with each other betting a lot of money, but what happened was, Bud became diabetic. He went into an insulin shock, he didn't know that he was diabetic, his blood sugar became high and the doctor said to him “you are diabetic you're going to have to have insulin shots every day. You're gonna have to change your diet and let me tell you what's going to happen if you don't do what we tell you to do. Number one there's a possibility that you can become an amputee. Number two you can go blind, three you can become impotent. Bud say “Help me” Like those guys when Paul…. When Paul broke out of jail, those guys said “tell me what I must do to be saved” Bud wants to be save. I said bud you want one of my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? No! I said “Bud, I can't believe you're eating vegetables man, you're exercising” he said that's right, and jog in his place too”

Now he had the ability to do it before, but there's some people it takes that kind of crises to bring them into reality, in order for them to act in their own best interest, some people have to hit rock bottom in order to rise. I don't know why. You want to begin to look out on your life and what you want for you and I think that when we begin to focus in the area of what does it take for us to act ,I think we can say events can inspire us, to act that that particular event in his life circumstances.Friend of mine he wanted to do something and he just did not have the motivation and the drive and the confidence within himself but his circumstances change overnight through an acquisition of the company that he worked for. He lost his job. Through the inspiration of desperation, he had to act. See life also a things that can inspire us that, see we don't have the courage and that's what it takes, courage, it takes guts to do that which you know you need to do. If you don't have the courage to act , life many times will move on you and make you act. Life will whip your butt so bad you will be so miserable you will catch so much hell, you say “yes I will do it. What do you want me to do take me”.

Friend of mine say “I can't stop smoking, I can't stop smoking,” doctor said “Sam Axelrod you have emphysema” say “I've never picked up another cigarette and said look of those stupid people smoking” Sam you did it for 35 years how can you talk about people? “Well I was different I'm trying to help them, they don't have to do the same thing I did” but be compassionate Sam isn't interesting how quickly we forget? So I'm saying that look at something in your life, it might be just writing a letter to somebody to say thank you, it might be just to apologize to somebody. I had a confrontation and the Penobscot building with the security guard there He responded to me what I perceived as a negative way and he and I engaged in an argument. I did not like the way I handled that. I avoided going through the front door for a long time because I didn't want to face him. Finally I decided to act and I went up to him and said “I want to apologize to you for the way in which I handled this argument we had the other day. I was wrong, I hope you accept my apology”. He said” I do” and I said “thank you very much”. I felt relieved now when you decide to act it's not always going to be like that.

A friend of mine did some work for me, it was below poor to say the least I knew that this guy was capable of doing better work. I knew that he also had a fragile ego, so I was trying to think of what is the most sensitive way in which I can share this information with him, because I wanted him to do my work over. I was going to pay him for what he did but I needed my work done right. But I was afraid that I would hurt his feelings, I was very, “very meticulous and how I approached him and I said “let me share this with you. You know I care about you and that you're a very talented and gifted person and you and I both know that what you have given me is not a true reflection of your talents and abilities and I'm saying let's go back in the studio and do this again. And he said to me “I'm gonna forget you ever said that”. I was wiped out, he never spoke to me again. Now when you decide to act you're gonna have some people like that, we're no longer friends. I lost sleep over that ladies and gentlemen as I can't believe that. I remember setting up one night looking at the phone I said “I gotta call him, said no that's it, don't forget that I caught men looking. we've been knowing each other too long to allow this to come between us” he said “don't call me anymore” huh no and then I wanted to think about how……. what can I do to make it up to him and then something came to me “Les what do you have to prove? See many things we don't do it's because the fact we want people to like us, there's some necessary losses in life.

When you decide acting in your best interest, you're going to lose some friends everybody's not going to approve of you. There's some people that won't like you. Who do you think you are? you're arrogant. What do you think you can do? You think you'd get away with that? You're selfish. Thanks I got that it's my life. And so what I'm saying to you is that, as you begin to look out on your life this is challenging, this is not easy acting.

So what are the things that we can begin to do to harness our will? Number one you've got to bring it out and look at it. You've got to take the power out of it. You've got to expose it to the truth and the truth is, that it has no power over you. So write down something you want to act on, but for some reason that you've been holding back and look at it.

The next thing is, ask yourself the question, is it helping you to continue to put it off? if it's an asset for you to continue to procrastinate, then continue to do that but if it's a liability for you, if it's causing you some mental and some emotional challenges or perhaps a financial problem look at that, examine that for what it is. Next step ask yourself what's blocking you? What’s preventing you from acting? why don't you have courage to handle that? Why won't you face that? what are you running away from? What kind of avoidance behavior are you engaged in?

Next is what is the worst thing that can happen when you take action so I looked at that and I said what the worst thing can is happen when I tell him this? He can say I don't like you and he did. Now what happened, I experienced that, I looked at that, I saw that and guess what ladies and gentlemen I didn't die. My feelings were hurt a little bit. I lost some sleep about it and sometimes I think about it when I Drive past his house, but I'm still here. It's uncomfortable, but it's okay. It doesn't bother me anymore. I've gotten used to it now. So what is the worst thing that can happen? I want you to visualize that experience that feel the nervousness in the discomfort and the more you run it in your mind, the less power that it will have.

Next is how will you feel after taking this action? I felt a sense of personal achievement when I face somebody that has been my mentor for years and for years that was something I wanted to tell him and I didn't have the courage to tell him, because it was always I was the student, he was to teacher. It was always I looked up to him and admired him and held him in high esteem and I was always grateful and thankful for the impact that he had on my life and I loved him so much. I didn't have the courage to say to him “please stop drinking so much. You're an alcoholic, you need help”. I didn't have the courage because I was afraid that he might not like me I was afraid that he might be hurt and crushed that we would no longer be friends. I didn't want to jeopardize what we had. I loved him a great deal and I didn't… I don't know how this would affect our relationship and I didn't even want him to know that I knew that he was an alcoholic.

 And so I was a coward, I was spineless in the name of love I did it to justify to myself to... to stop from helping somebody that I loved from dying. I said “I love him so much I just can't tell him this. I don't even know how he would handle it to know that I know that he's an alcoholic”. And finally after years, I developed the courage to face my teacher, my mentor who has molded me, who looks at me now and wanted to do what I'm doing now and did not do it. Came at a different time and it wasn't time for what he brought and he's living through me and I had to face this man who's been like a father to me it's… I got to tell you something “you've got a problem. I love you very much please, stop drinking you're killing yourself. It's not just social you do it every day, you need help and whatever I can do to support you in that I will, but please stop. And he looked at me and I had no idea what… how he was going to handle that and first there was like How dare you and we just looked at each other and then I reached out to embrace him and we've never ever embraced man macho, never hug before I hugged him. And he just stood there with his arm straight. He couldn't raise his arms to hug me back and he was shocked. And after he got over the initial shock, when he could bring himself to speak to maintain his composure, because he could never afford to let me his students see him vulnerable or admit that I was right. He said I'll be seeing you, I said yes sir. Tell your wife I’ll be by the house to see y'all before I leave.
 When he walked away, at first I was very depressed about it and I said well maybe it wasn't my place to do this and when you act you're going to have some second thoughts then I said no no no I did what I felt. I did it because I feel very strongly about this and fortunately he called me back a few weeks later and left word with the answering service “Leslie Brown, I just want to say thank you” and hung up that was a good feeling.

When we look out on our lives you asked the question what are you going to do? look at as you think about this, that you know you need to handle. What are you going to do and then write down three strong reasons on why you know you must take action and be explicit and descriptive in your reasons, because your reasons have power, your reasons will drive you when you have doubt, When your faith becomes weak, your reasons will fortify your faith. When you have an inner conversation say no don't do that, your reasons will become your rod and your staff to comfort you, to take you through those challenging moments.

So write down your reasons and what you will find that when you decide to act, when you decide to take life on and let me warn you it can be painful,It will be uncomfortable and that's where the growth is when you are uncomfortable, when you're stretching out, when you're taking life by the color, you're going to get thrown to the ground again and again and again. But when you have determination and you know that what you're doing is right, that gives you your life, It gives a special meaning and power to you. You will have some power from on a high, you we'll discover some things about yourself that will begin to electrify your personality. You begin to discover some things about you that you don't know you've got, When you put yourself in that type of challenging situation repeat after me “please I can go into action on anything in my life, nothing is stopping me but me. No challenge in my life has any power over me.

Here's something that Howard Thurman wrote on the decision to act. He said “it's a wondrous thing that a decision to act releases energy in the personality. For days on in a person may drift along without much energy, having no particular sense of direction and having no will to change, then something happens to alter the pattern. It may be something very simple and inconsequential in itself, but it stabs awake, it alarms, it disturbs in a flash one gets a vivid picture oneself and it passes. The result is decision shop definitive decision and the wake of the decision yes even as a part of the decision itself , energy is released. The act of decision sweeps all before it and the life of the individual may be changed forever when you decide to make decisions to act, you begin to access power within you that will increase your self-esteem. That will increase and enhance your personal power, but that puts you in charge of life and life has a whole new meaning for you as a sense of personal freedom. Doesn't mean you're not going to have any struggles, doesn't mean that you're not going to have any challenges, doesn't mean that you're not going to suffer any defeats no no no doesn't mean that, but what it does mean that you're putting yourself in the position to grow. You're putting yourself in line with your higher calling and your higher self and that's what life is about [Applause]

Would you join me this affirmation please everybody stand please “I'm standing up to life and the challenges in my life. I'm going to use all of me, all of my courage, my faith, determination and any helping support that I can give anyone to realize their greatness together we can” shake somebody's hand on your right and left and say you've got what it takes you. [The End]

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