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Friday, 30 June 2017

Personal Development by Jim Rohn Part 2 Transcript

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For your notes here it is not what happens that determines that quality or the quantity of your life. It’s not what happened and the reason is because what happens, happens to about everybody no different. The sun went down on all of us last night, a common event, a happening and I found out that the same things can happen to two different people one gets rich, and one stay poor.  Why is that?  It's because it's not what happens but rather it's what you do that changes everything.

So that's a key phrase ‘it's not what happens, it's what you do’ what happens is about the same. You might put that in parenthesis here ‘same’ what people do that's what's different. Anything can happen right, everything could happen.  I've heard all the stories, I've been one of the stories. Hey, we can all tell stories all night long right ,happenings, anything can happen. Have you heard of Murphy's laws? Anybody here heard to Murphy's Laws, okay. Most of you have. Murphy had these laws. One of them was ‘if anything can go wrong it will’ that's one of Murphy's laws.

He was not one of the great positive speakers of the day, but anyway it's still true though right anything can go wrong, everything can go wrong for sure. I fallen out of the sky so many times once to the tune of a couple of million devastating, took me a while to survives that one. Now it wasn't all that much but it was all I had. I mean that's when it's much right when that's all you got. If you've got three to go you got one left you ain't looking that bad but when it all goes. Has anybody been there when it all went? Anybody come on rescue liar. Hey we've all been there right. When it all went. Course used to be a long time ago right, when you ran out of money got to zero. You were all through hick now you can with the right on by zero, they will bury you. That's what they will do. But see those are the happenings right.

Everything can happen, anything can happen but it's not the happenings it's what you do about it. Somebody says “yeah but you don't understand the disappointment I've had” Come on , everybody's has their share. Disappointments are not special gifts reserved for the poor, everybody has them. The difference is what you do about. It’s not the weather. I used to blame the weather and I discovered it rains on the rich so see that won't help. Two men wake up one morning, there's a rain storm on what I'm looked out his window, sees the rain storm and he said “wow what a storm! With weather like this they can't expect you to go out and make sales”  he stays home. Same morning the other guy looks out his window sees the same storm says “wow what a storm” but he says  “you know what? With weather like this what a great day to go out make sales, most everybody will probably be home especially the sales” see that's the difference in how your life works out. It's not what happens, it's what you do.

So here's one of the key questions of the evening starting tomorrow, What are you going to do that'll make a change in your life's direction? Good question! What are you going to do starting tomorrow that will make a difference? Now see if you don't do something starting tomorrow that'll make a difference guess what, it's going to be the same and see that way you can guess what the next five years are going to be like. Look at the last five because the next five are going to be like the last five unless you major key tomorrow change it all or change a little or change something or don't change. It's choice time you can do whatever you want but, it's nice to know any day you wish you can change your old life. What can you do starting tomorrow that'll make a difference? Good, great!

What can you do with economic chaos, Massive disappointment? What can you do with the broken heart? What can you do when it won't work. Good question! So if I had a word with you tonight one-on-one just you and me, I think my personal advice to you would be this year nineteen eighty-one reach down inside of you and come up with some more of those remarkable human gifts. They're there waiting to be utilized and then change anything for you you want to change. And I challenge you to do that because you can change, if you don't like how it is for you, change it.  If it doesn't suit you, change it.  If it doesn't please you, change it. If it isn't enough, change it. And I challenge you to do that because you can change. See you don't ever have to be the same again after tonight only by choice.  If you don't like your present address change it, you're not a tree.

Now let me give you three steps to personal development. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty what does it take to really make the changes starting tomorrow?. It takes more than philosophical pronouncements. I know that it. Also takes more than enthusiasm. I know we're hearing a lot about enthusiasm these days let's see that just won't do the job. We're still here on the old cliches of the 30s right to be enthusiastic you must act enthusiastic. Let's see that's not going to help after you have leaked about, there are some things you got to do or it isn't going to change. So you can get all excited about lifting 200 pounds till you get to the gym and then you need a new excitement and the new excitement is called disciplines. Major your step to human progress, discipline. If there's one thing to get excited over that's it.  Get excited over your ability to make yourself do the necessary thing. What could you make yourself do starting tomorrow that would change at all? No, tell now see that's exciting on any given day, you can massively change the direction of your life.

Murder is a clear example that any one person on any given day can forever alter the course of their life. It just happens to be a negative act but just as sure as you can commit a negative act, you can also commit a positive act and forever alter your life whenever you wish. Now that's exciting and whatever that might be the changes your life. The guy finally takes a short gun to his car and blows out every window, destroys every tire put the hundred rounds in the shabby old thing and he says “I have driven this embarrassing thing for the last time and not only will I never drive it again, nobody else will ever drive it again and he left that shuddering thing stand there for a while as a monument till the day he said today “my life changes’. Now who can do that? Anybody? When can you do it? Whatever day you pick.

Now here's the key to discipline, start with the little disciplines. Get excited over the little discipline and get right on those because those will lead to the big ones. You can't handle the big challenges in life unless you take on the little ones. Make a list of all the things you can do. Get right on those, this is on yourself for those both for the results and for the muscle and for the practice. So the when life hands you some big challenges, you'll be ready, you'll have the muscle. But see if you don't handle the small ones, you can't take care of the big ones ok.

Here's what else it takes for life change, self-motivation. Key phrase: self-motivation. I don't know why we call it self-motivation, that's really the only kind of there is. You've got to motivate yourself because I found out you can't change people, they can change themselves. But you can't change them. Lord knows some I’ve tried, but see it won't work. People have to change themselves. I learned some of those lessons early, I built a little sales organization way back in the 30 days. I'm 25 and I had some nice people. I said I'm going to make these people successful, if it kills me I almost died. I mean you can't do that. See I've discovered this good people are not trained, they’re found. You find good people, you don't make them good you find them good. Training really is for the purpose of finding good people. You don't need much instruction for a good person but too much training probably means you got the wrong people so you got to find the right people that's the key to getting a good job done. One of the major things we learn in management lesson one: Don't send your ducks to Eagle school because it won't help. I mean I'm telling you won't help. No matter how good your school is and the little Eagle badge and little eagle hat I’m telling you won't help. It won’t help. You can tell whether your school's done any good right Is when it's over right. The duck goes for his first rabbit and makes him a friend you say no no anyway.

So it takes self-motivation to really alter your life and you don't want to give self-motivation away to somebody else and make it somebody else motivating you. The guy says “boy if somebody just come by and turn me on what if they don't show up. See you've got to have a better plan for your life okay. Now if you're excited and you're ready to change let me give you three steps to start life. change that can change your life, your personality, your lifestyle, everything can change. Here's the steps number one: Find out how things work. The first key to doing better, find out. To change your life really you need ideas. There isn't anything an idea can't change and Shope taught me the major problem is lack of an idea, Not a problem. At first, I didn't have any money I said to mr. show “I don't have any money” he said “that's not a problem” Now see up until then I always thought it was right. I was confused. he said no no the problem is lack of an idea on how to create money and well it isn't lack of money its lack of ideas. So if you get the idea, so you can change anything. Now to get ideas you need a constant study of finding out. Now shoaff also said when you find out something that works, put the information in your journal don't use your head for a filing cabinet. Put it in your journal so that you can do the next best thing repetition repetition repetition. Go over it and if you repeat it go over it sure enough some day, some mysterious day, the idea takes root, starts to grow and shows up in your bank account and your dress and your personality and your lifestyle but capture the ideas in your journal, find out how things work. Shoaff gave me this word for my life change he said “study great word if you wish to be successful, study success. If you wish to be happy, study happiness. If you wish to be wealthy, study. Well don't leave it to chance make it a study. Some people just go through the day with the fingers crossed see that won't do it. You've got to study the things that can change your economic, social, spiritual, personal life.

Now here's a qualifying phrase and we'll have several of these qualifying phrases throughout the seminar here's the first one you may not be able to do all you find out. I understand that you may not be able to do all you find out, but you should find out all you can do so. You don't want to wind up at the end of your life and discover that you've lived only one-tenth of it and the other nine tenths went down the drain.  Not for lack of opportunity, for lack of information. So that's number one, find out how things work.

Now here's the best human virtue for finding out, curiosity. Make a note of that curiosity. Be curious. You might add a word to it that will help “childish curiosity” What would kids do if they want to know something bad enough? Bug you. That's the phrase they can ask a thousand questions. You think there's through, there've got another thousand, they'll drive you to the brink.  It's a virtue. When you gotta know, be like a child.  In fact Jesus the master teacher said unless you can become like little children you might as well forget it. You don't have a prayer. Excellent advice, you've got to be like children.

Four ways in my opinion to be like a child number ones curiosity. Number two is excitement get excited like a child over your ability to make yourself do anything for change. Third is faith have faith like a child.  Adults are too skeptical and fourth is trust. Trust is a childish virtue but the rewards are incredible so be like a child.

Now if you're curious, let me give you three ways to find out how to change anything, any life direction, any dimension. Here's three ways to find out how to change anything: number one is to read, become a good reader all of the successful people I know and work with around the world they're all good readers.  Curiosity drives them to read, they got to know they just read read read read read read read read read become a good reader. Now that's my opinion listen to the other lecturers and listen to me and make up your own mind don't be a follower, be a student okay.  I say really for life change you got to read.  One way to learn is from your own experiences, but another way to learn is from other people experiences. See one book might save you five years if you read.  Did you know there's books on how to be stronger, more decisive, be a speaker, be a leader have a better effect on other people, develop your personality. Did you know there's books on that? And people don't read them how would you explain that and they can read.  

Did you know that hundreds of successful people have written their stories and books and they wrote down how they did it and people don't read it. How would you explain that and the guys busy I guess. You know you get tied up, the guy says “well yeah you work where I work, but the time you struggle home it's late. You got  to buy the supper, watch a little TV, get to bed. You can't sit up half the night read and read and read and read and the guy’s  behind on his car payment. Good worker, hard worker, sincere but you've got to be better than sincere and work hard otherwise at the end of your life you'll wind up cold stony broke. You've got to be better than a good worker. You got to be a good reader. The whole world is governed by laws. The universe in fact, laws we call it the law of electricity, we call it the law of gravity, there's mathematical laws, there's physical laws, speeding velocity laws, agricultural laws, there's all kinds of laws.
Now that we find ourselves on the spinning planet you just have to learn what I call the setup. Learn the setup. Life setup. Now we didn't set it up, we're here so you got to learn it and we should learn the setup for two basic reasons number one: to keep from getting hurt. It's one of the major reasons for learning so you won't get hurt.  the economically, socially, personally. You can get hurt just not knowing. Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is poverty ignorance is tragedy you got to know or you're going to get hurt.
It's good to know not to walk out the 10-story window. That's excellent information. Now what if a guy didn’t know and he walks out. Now he’s death at the bottom somebody says well the poor guy didn't know. You gotta know or you're going to get hurt okay. Now here's a parenthesis, you don't have to like the setup. I don't ask you to like it. That’s not what's important but it is important to learn how it is okay. So you don't have to like it, but you should learn it. That's what I tell the kids right, make sure you get the information, what you think about it that's up you. What you're going to do is that will soon be up to you but make sure you get it. See there's nothing worse than being stupid. No I mean being broke is bad but being stupid is awful and what really bad is being broken stupid right. That's about the end of the world, I mean there isn't anything much worse than that unless you're sick, sick, broke and   stupid. I mean that is it right, there's nowhere else to go so, make sure you get the information, Its key. you don't have to like it, but learn it. If this big monstrous thing lifts up in the sky hangs there for a little while, cuts loose comes crashing down boom, shakes the ground for five months and then this big monstrous thing lift back up in the sky hangs up a little while cuts loose again comes crashing down boom shakes the ground for five months. It just keeps doing that. This big monster thing lifting it up and then crashing down boom. Now you might come along one day and say that’s got to be a stupid arrangement which is okay, you're entitled to your opinion but the first thing you should learn to do is get out from under it right that's number one. You might have a great moral argument, you might want to shake your finger at the sky but do it from over there right, so you don't get smashed. It's called your basic smart.  So number one learn so you won't get hurt whether you like it or not learn

Now here's the second reason for learning the setup to benefit it's called the plus of life and that's what life is right both minus and plus. The minus is tragedy, heartache, misery, failure, unhappiness but life is also happiness, prosperity, good feeling. So here's the key, learn to get on the good side of the way things work. Now here's two of the basic laws and we'll take our break, Shoeff taught me these. They come from the Bible. Now again I'm an amateur okay, When it comes to the Bible i'm not a pro so you'll sort of have to take my way of putting it but here they are the first one is the law of use. The law of use and it goes something like this: whatever you don't use you lose. Lack of use causes lose on this planet. Maybe not the next one, but on this one. If you tie your arm to your body, leave it there long enough you'll never use it again. It’s over for the arm. Now it may not be over, but it's over for the arm. The only way to keep using this arm is what? Keep using it.  If you quit, you lose automatically. They don't bring it up for a vote, you lose automatically when you quit. Now, the same thing that goes for your arm, goes for your brain mentality, the same thing goes for all the human virtues. Ambition unused declines, Strong feelings unused diminish, It doesn't grow, it diminishes, faith unused decreases. It's a law. Vitality unused diminishes, energy unused decreases.

The guy says “well I'm going to save up my energy”. You can't do that. That's like trying to save today, put it on the end of the year. See you can't do that, they'll come take you away. If you don't use today what? It’s lost.  The guy says I’ll work twice as hard tomorrow to make up for it. See that's foolish, you could have done that anyway, today on used is lost, a talent unused is lost, an ability unused is lost.

So here's one of the key expressions of the evening take a new inventory of yourself starting tomorrow new project, take a new inventory and make sure that all of your talents and ability and mentality and ingenuity and vitality and strong feelings, faith, courage. Make sure that all you've got being used otherwise you lose. Now one of the best illustrations of the law of use is a Bible story called the parable of the talents. The talent story, interesting story. If you haven't read it in a while just review it. It's a good story, an ancient story says there was a master with three servants he got them together one day. And he said to the three “I've got these talents” and in those ancient days a talent was a measure of gold. And he said to the three servants, take these talents and see what you can do with them while I'm gone. He said I'm taking a journey and I'll be gone for a while. When I come back, we'll get together, go over the book see how you did. He said here's five of these talents for you five, five, here's two of them for you two and here's one for you, One. The master said take those talents see what you can do with them, when I come back we'll get together, we'll go over them. The servant said okay. Master Takes off. According to the ancient story, the master comes back from his trip, when he gets back, he gets the three servants together and as he said he would, he asked “how did it go with those talents? You've five what happened? That servant said “well I took the five talents you gave me and I put them to work. A Little shaky at first, but he said things finally got rolling and he said I poured it on and he said my talents grew to seven, eight, nine, ten. He said I doubled my talents from five to ten books would show. Master said one heck of a job or something like that. He said I gave you two talents what's what happened? That servant said about the same thing happened to me. I put those two talents to work poured it on they grew to three and then to four, he said I doubled my talents from two to four. Books will show, master said well done.  He said I gave you one talent what happened? That servant said well  “I took the talents you gave me and I carefully wrapped it and I dug a hole and buried it and camouflaged it I suppose, so nobody would steal it and he said fortunately nobody got it. And he said I knew you were going to be here today, so I dug it up, here it is safely wrapped. I did not lose it while you were gone. According to the ancient story, the master said take that talent away from him and give it to the man that's got ten.

Now you might say well I don't like that arrangement. The poor guys only got one talent he's already got ten. It ought to be more even. Forever, I didn't ask you to like it , but this one I would ask you to learn because it simply means whatever you do not employ, you forfeit.  it's a law so learn well the law of use.

Now here's the second one and we're going to take our break. 2nd law from the Bible this one we've heard since we were small I'm sure. It’s called the law of sowing and reaping. In fact we probably heard it so often we could quote it. It says “whatever you sow, what? You shall reap” fairly blunt, hopefully clear. Here's my first suggestion on the law of sowing and reaping. Don't try to beat it. You might as well try sitting on the Sun in the morning, keep it from coming up. You'll have better luck. Whatever you sow you reap. Now for a fair share of my life, I'm a bit mixed up on how all this applies among a lot of things I was mixed up on. I knew I wasn't reaping too good that I understood, my problem was, I was confused about what was causing it. Remember me with a funny list, I thought those are the reasons why it isn't working out well and then Mr. Shoaff gave me the clue that helped me figure it all out. He said “Mr. Rohn I have another answer for you there's another way to quote this law that'll show you where the problem is so you can go to work on them right away. All you need to know is where the problem is, then you can go to work on it”. So he quoted me the law another way and I found out what my problem was here's the way you quote the law “whatever you reap is what you've sown”. Now I knew what my problem was. Whatever you reap is what you've sown. If you don't like the crop, who do you look up.  Answer? Whoever planted it and where do you find who planted your crop? Answer. In the mirror. What I finally learned to do come fall was to go to the mirror that's where you go.

Part three coming up soon.....

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