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Simple steps on how to make 5 Different Homemade Hair conditioner

hair Conditioner

Before I move further to the recipe, I will like to highlight the benefits of the ingredients used in all recipes mentioned here.

Coconut oil : it is no more news that coconut has antimicrobial properties that makes it exceptional. It helps to prevent damage from combing and brushing. It also enhances hair growth, shines the hair and also adds volume to hair.
Olive Oil: Olive oil acts as an emollient, it penetrates the hair and help to moisturize hair. It strengthens the hair and removes the dull nature found in  hair. It also help to  soften hair.
Avocado:  Moisturizes hair, It makes the hair shiny,strengthens hair,repairs damage,anti-dandruff and no greasy Feeling.
Egg:Repair hair damage,Reduce hair loss,Moisturize dry hair,Add shine to hair.
Honey: Acts as a humectant and prevents hair loss by preventing loss of moisture. Has Anti-bacterial property, Makes the hair shiny and lustrous.
Banana: Treatment of hair damage with banana, strengthening and shining hairs,Banana cure dandruff off and repair the hair loss, it is a  scalp moisturizer.
Shear Butter: Shear butter has healing properties, moisturizes the hair, fights against dandruff.
Apple cider Vinegar:  It’s a natural conditioner,It improves porosity,It combats tangles,It treats hair loss,It treats dry, itchy scalp and reduces frizz.
Milk: It gives the hair a shiny nature, it helps to straighten hair, it treats rough and dry hair
Cinammon: It has antimicrobial properties.

1. Coconut oil and olive oil
Coconut oil, olive oil
Measure the two oil in equal parts
Warm the oil and apply generously as usual
Cover a shower cap and leave it overnight
Rinse with water. 
Click here to learn how to extract  coconut oil at home.

2.  Avocado, egg and honey
Avocado, egg , honey
Two tablespoon of  honey
Remove the meat of the avocado
Remove the egg white from the egg
Put into a blender and blend
Apply on the hair, cover with shower cap  and allow for 1 hour 
Then rinse with water. 
CautionAvoid using hot water when rinsing the hair after applying egg on it. This is important because usage of hot water might cook the eggs and harden them which will make it extremely difficult for you to get it out of your hair. Make sure you wash your hair very well to avoid that vomiting smell produced by  raw egg.

3. Banana, Honey and Olive Oil
Ripe Banana
2 Table Spoon Honey
2 Table Spoon Olive oil
Blend all the ingredients and apply on the hair.
Cover your shower cap to prevent the liquid from dripping
After 30 minutes rinse with water.
Caution: Banana can get stuck to the hair so, it is advisable to wash very well with plenty water.
4. Cinnamon, honey and milk
2 Table Spoon Powered Cinnamon
2 Table Spoon Honey
2 Eggs
4 Table Spoon Milk
1/4th Cup Mayonnaise
Blend all the ingredient together to to mix
Put the mixture in a container and warm it on  hot water that is in another container
Gently rub them on your hair and scalp
Wash off with water after 30 minutes.

5. Avocado, Shea Butter and Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner:

1 Ripe Avocado
½ Cup Shea Butter
3 Table Spoons Apple Cider Vinegar
Blend all the ingredient together to to mix
Put the mixture in a container and warm it on  hot water that is in another container
Gently rub them on your hair and scalp
Wash off with water after 30 minutes.
Click here to learn how to make apple cider vinegar


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