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Simple steps on how to make Beer Shampoo

 Simple steps on how to make Beer Shampoo

Shampoos are hair care products that are used to remove oil, dust, dirt, pollutants, and dead skin cells that build up on the strands of your hair throughout the day without stripping too much oil that it damages the hair strands.It contains surfactant which help to reduce the surface area between two liquid and  solid, in this case the hair. It also contain detergent, a water soluble cleansing agent  which when combined with dirts and impurities render them soluble for easy washing.

That's sure good enough for an introduction right? Lets get cracking

It is nor more news that beer can be combined with your shampoo product to wash your hair. Before I go further to the recipe, I will like to highlight briefly the benefit of using beer on your hair.

  • Many people have used this simple recipe for fuller, thicker and more bodied hair being that it contains a handful of proteins and vitamins. 
  • The alcohol in the beer acts as a cleansing agent, hair softener and makes the hair shine.
  •  It gets rid of dandruff quickly.

     Things to note
It dries the hair quickly and would be highly recommended for people with greasy/oily hair. Shampooing with beer should be done at least once a week. For those having dry hair, conditioning after shampooing is highly recommended to restore hydration to your hair.

  • Get any brand of beer, measure 1 cup of beer and turn into a small pot and heat under low temperature for 15 minutes until it reduces to  half the amount. This is to reduce the alcohol ability to cause dryness.
  • Allow to cool for 10 minute
  • Measure out 1 cup of shampoo and turn into a mixing bucket
  • Turn the beer into the bucket containing the shampoo and stir vigorously until it completely mixes.
  • It is ready for use. You can turn the remaining one into a container for future use.
  • You can move further to condition your hair.
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