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How to make customized t-shirts using bleach

In one of My earlier post, I looked on how bleach can be used for the treatment of nail fungus and athlete foot. You  may click here if you wish to view that post.  Many people know bleach as a whitening agent for clothes but fail to know other areas where bleach can be used. Bleach can be used to make a very powerful designs on clothes. This acts by whitening  the area that the bleach touches. For example a purple colour shirt can be bleached to either red or pink. The side exposed to the bleach will be the side that would be bleached.

The Fear of the Unknown Poem by John Ukpanukpong

As I slept alone in the dark, Suddenly my heart became a drum. My alertness was like that of a lion. The shelves, wardrobe and tables became  monsters. But why have they suddenly turn to monsters? I never asked I saw them trying to hold my hands

Coke: A Powerful household cleaner and stain remover

Coke is a cleaner, a stain remover, rust remover, removes stubborn stains on tiles and toilet, oil/grease stain remover, removes stains from clothes when combined with detergent, it  restores shininess to coin and jewelry, cleans bolt and nuts. This wonderful drink is a powerful cleaner.

The cruel man in uniform Poem by John Ukpanukpong

I was on the wheels to work Then I  remembered the cruel man in uniform I nearly fought with the other day Speak of the devil! He is here I looked at him with a friendly smile He reacted with a monster look He screened all my papers

When I took my first breath Poem by John Ukpanukpong

When I took my first breath I knew unconsciously that I was in for it I cried for the first time Friends and family welcomed me A couple of days I started guessing at faces Trying to understand my new environment All I had to do was eat, sleep and cry My direction was always at my food source My mode of communication was to cry My cry makes my sweet mum to search

My journey to my Destination Poem Written By John Ukpanukpong

How to get instant traffic to your new blog without google search

As a new blogger, soon you begin to get high blood pressure because Google has not indexed your page as one of the top pages on Google search. We are giving Google more power to continue to afflict us with its stringent policies on SEO. Getting traffic from Google search will take time and effort. I have not condemn SEO in article but I speak as a business man who will not want to put all eggs in one basket. The social media is one of the ways to drive huge traffic to your site. Every day people login to these accounts and find what they are looking for as easy as ABC. So with this few tips you can drive heavy amount of traffic your new blog.

How to Add Facebook Like and share button and Comment plugin to blogger

Few months back, I wanted to add Facebook comment, like and share  plugin to my blog. I followed all the instructions provided by Facebook but to no avail. They are so many bloggers profering solution to this but only a handful of them have been able to solve this problem. To this end I write step by step guide on how to add Facebook comment, like and share button plugin to your bloggers blog. Let's get cracking

Which is more hygienic. Water or tissue paper?

I got to think the other day. We use water for cleaning almost everything. We use water to wash foods stuffs before eating, we use water to take our bath, we use water to wash our clothes, and we use water to clean our house. We can never replace all this with just a simple wipe but we use tissue paper to clean the dirtiest part of our bodies.

4 Strategies for a Successful business growth

Business growth means expanding a firm’s product and services or expanding its target markets, or some combination of each. Business must grow to maintain a high level of competitive advantage over other companies and to increase its reputation. It is has been found through research that more than half of all businesses fail in less than two years of commencement. Those that survived this period hardly grow. Entrepreneurs are expected to create an environment that will fit the growth agenda of the firm by reviewing its policies, structures, procedures and systems.

How to get people to buy your product

Before you start making a product for sale in the market, you have to ask yourself this simple question. Does my new product solve a problem in the market? Answering this question properly is a major key to entrepreneurship. This is so because people will be grateful if you solve their problems. From there you will be able to see a clear path to converting the solution to their problems to wealth. This is called opportunity identification. 

You're my God lyrics by Rev. Luther Barnes & The Restoration Worship Center Choir

Feel the fire Lyrics by Rev. Luther Barnes & The Restoration Worship Center Choir

The favor of God lyrics - Rev. Luther Barnes & The Restoration Worship Center Choir

Stay Focused - Rev. Luther Barnes & The Restoration Worship Center Choir

Jesus is a Friend to me - Rev. Luther Barnes & The Restoration Worship Center Choir

Even Then Lyrics - Rev. Luther Barnes & The Restoration Worship Center Choir

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord Lyrics - Rev. Luther Barnes & The Restoration Worship Center

How much would you like to be paid? (Job interview question)

A simple job interview question was asked in a group of persons on Facebook and so many people responded. So, I thought this will be an opportunity for you to both learn and contribute. You can also leave your own contribution in the comment section below.  Here is the question by  Agnes Oghenetega Good Evening To you all.  Please if  you go for an interview and you were asked how much you would like to be paid how do you go about telling them the exact salary you want?

WhatsApp Tricks You never knew existed

Today I feel like sharing various WhatsApp tricks with you. I have found out that many people don't know all the features in whatsApp which has limited their ability to flow, retain and be flexible with data sent or received via this App messenger. So Today that's what this post is all about.

What kills nail fungus /athlete's foot fast?

Today, I want to share with you various home remedies for nail fungus  (onychomycosis) and athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) . Before you start this therapy, make sure your toe nails are properly cut to allow penetration of this recipe into the affected areas.  Also, try to maintain proper hygiene. Clean, sun dry and disinfect the shoes you use regularly.   For treating microbial infection, consistency is the key. Start when you know you will always make out time to practice this.  The reason I am saying this is because breaking can enhance the growth of very resistant strains that may prevent this from working. Don’t relent until you see a change.

6 Powerful ways to avoid Social Media Distractions