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Natural Aphrodisiac (Sex Sweeteners)

Below you are provided with 4 recipes for making natural, chemical free aphrodisiac cocktail drink. It is highly recommended to take immediately after preparation to avoid spoilage or simply store in a refrigerator. 

These recipes are highly recommended for married couples. It should be taken when you need them ( you understand). I've been able gather all the recipes that have been proven to work. If one does not work for you, switch to the next. 

You won't exhaust  the whole recipes without getting a significant result. I did not arrange them according to order of effectiveness therefore, you can choose any recipe of your choice.

Recipe 1
1. Coconut
3. Tiger nuts
4. Ginger   

Soak dates overnight to soft  if its dry but if it's fresh blend the same day.

Chop the coconut meat into small chunks.

Soak tiger nuts over night if its dry,    throw away the water in the morning.

Peel off the ginger root with a knife

Combine all of them and blend with a blender

Use a sieve to filter out the chaffs.

Serve chilled immediately after preparation preferably before going to bed.

Recipe 2
    1 Egg
    1 Lipton tea
    5 tablespoon of Honey
    1 tin of Evaporated Milk

Brew the Lipton tea as usual and allow to cool.
add milk, honey, dates puree/powder and  add  in add egg and stir to mix.
 Its Best taken at bedtime.

Recipe 3
-Sugar cane

Cut the sugar cane into smaller chunks , add water and turn the sugar cane into a pot, Boil the sugar cane,cloves,ginger honey for  45 minutes and let it cool. Drink before going to bed.

Recipe 4
Half medium size Watermelon
1 Tin milk
Three fingers of banana
1 medium size Cucumber

Turn watermelon, milk, banana, cucumber into a blender and blend.
Take immediately after blending preferably during bed time.

Source: Doing it yourself Facebook group.


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