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Advantages and disadvantages of school Politics

Many spent a number of years to get admission but later find themselves in a shape that they didn't bargain for all in the name of Student unionism/Politics. Only a  selected few come out knowing their onion.  Some  used unionism as a stepping stone to circular politics others losed focus and fell by the way side.  They are many benefits of unionism and many dangers attach to it.    Today, I am discussing  the good aspect and the bad aspect  of school politics. Let's get going.

How to make an A in any course

Making an A in any course can be very easy if you abide by the simple rules am about to share with you. Without wasting much time, let's kick off.

How to command respect from people

 A lot of times people want other people to give them respect but they fail to obey just very few laws.  Below are a few tips to help you gain respect in your family, workplace, school etc.

How to Calculate your GPA and CGPA

It is quite funny that a lot of students even to their final level do not know how to calculate their grade point average. Well, the importance of knowing your grade point average in the higher institution of learning cannot be overemphasised as this serves as a check to examine whether you're making progress or not. Some who know still make a lot of mistakes in the calculation of cumulative grade point average. So, today I'm going to teach you how to calculate grade point average and cumulative grade point average. Relax and learn.

How to cope with anybody

Have you ever wondered why some people can cope with anybody in this world without a problem and some cannot? Yes, it is quite obvious that some people's behaviour is toxic, stinking, and unwelcoming but people still flow freely with them as they never noticed their flaws. One thing   I've come to realize is when two people with ego meet, they can hardly cope with themselves for the reason being that nobody wants to pipe low for the other.

What you need to do as a fresher to come out in flying colours

It is a common norm for freshers to come with so much enthusiasm to bag first-class or second-class honours in the University. Soon you discover you're battling to maintain a third class.

Read this piece to stop being a JAMB customer

A plethora of times young and old folks fail utterly because they kept on making certain mistakes. Many have become Jamb customers, Waec customers and so on. Today, I'm going to share with you powerful tips on how to get rid of continuous failure and head for the top in JAMB. Let's go

Reasons why you should stop messaging people HBD as birthday wishes

A lot of times people just send happy birthday vague like that. Social media has reduced it to "HBD". I don't think this is appropriate.  In my opinion, this is the right time to tell the person you're sending a birthday wish how much they mean to you. 

How to send sleep off and study effectively at night

As humans, we all have different ways our bodies operate. It is very pertinent to find out how your body works to obtain maximum results whenever you put it to work. The number one step in answering any question is understanding the question. To hit the nail on the head, today we are going to look at how to study at night. It turns out that burning the midnight oil is the best option for some students due to calmness at night. Yes, their bodies tend to agree with night study but they lack necessary the skills to keep up the habit of studying every night. Frankly, there are a few salient habits that block you from maximising your full study potentials. Below are just a handful of habits that you must imbibe or restructure to effectively make studying at night effective, rewarding, and habitual.

Simple strategies to raise your kids from backward academic performance to genius

Every good parent wants their kid to excel above average. They want the best to come out of their children. Unfortunately, the majority of these kids do not come out to be so. This leaves parents depressed and worried. If you find yourself in this position, I guarantee you've hit the right spot for a solution by the grace of God. Herein you are provided with powerful strategies to raise your children from mediocrity to uniqueness. Let's go

How to know who has the highest Facebook likes using percentage

A lot of people get worried over likes on Facebook. This makes them to envy those with more likes. But to me this not a problem. I just wanna give you a simple percentage method of scoring them. At least 10% of your friends should like your photo. So, we are going to place 10% as average like.  Let's go.