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Read this piece to stop being a JAMB customer

A plethora of times young and old folks fail utterly because they kept on making certain mistakes. Many have become Jamb customers, Waec customers and so on. Today, I'm going to share with you powerful tips on how to get rid of continuous failure and head for the top in JAMB. Let's go

1. Acquaintance
It is very pertinent that you get acquainted with the mode of operation used by JAMB examiners, trends and patterns of questions, the type of question to expect. The last point there, for example, you don't expect JAMB examiners to ask questions that require much writing. Getting to know all these is a stepping stone to getting an excellent result.

  1. Also, an acquaintance has to do with familiarising yourself with using Computer based test. If you're not computer literate, try to do so at least at the level of using the mouse effectively. Practising before the exam will help to optimize your speed on the d-day.

2. Past Questions and Answers
The essence of past questions cannot be overemphasized is that it exposes you to the trend and patterns of JAMB questions. From past questions and answers, you can easily predict the questions. It does not cost a dime to get them.

3. JAMB tutorial class
This is very necessary especially for those that have left school for a while. You need JAMB lessons to warm your sleeping brain for a while. In the end, you'll find this quite rewarding because it will not only help to sharpen your brain, it will give you a foretaste of some core courses in your first year in the higher institution when you gain admission.

4. Sacrifice your time for study
A lot of folks are caught up with this. They hardly would open their books let alone spending some copious amount of time for studies. I usually tell aspirants, if they want to excel they should consider quitting their jobs at least 2 months to focus more else they'll keep writing over and over. If you don't make use of your brain frequently you'll suffer poor retention and poor assimilation. And this will take a little more time to reactivate it.  Remember, anything worth doing is worth doing it well. Make it a habit to study every day.

5. Download tutorial videos on youtube
With the advent of the internet, one can sit at his convenience to get be fully educated. If you have a compatible phone ( if you don't have one buy one), go to and search for videos on the topic you want. This can serve as a great tool for understanding, clarity, and retentiveness. One big advantage of a video tutorial is you can rewind it over and over until you get it. This phone of yours can be a very powerful tool for understanding concepts in the University. Do not overlook it.

6. Devote time for prayer
Put God first in anything you do and watch Him stand for you. Pray for your exams and future.

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