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How is Akpu (Cassava fufu) made?

A lot of times many people do eat akpu without knowing how it is made. Have you sat down to wonder where it is produced from? Cassava fufu aka akpu is popular in all parts of Nigeria especially the southern part. It is produced from fermented cassava tubers. Akpu can be eaten with virtually any soup. You can also learn how to make semovita here

Let's get to business
Firstly peel the cassava tubers and wash them according.

Next, get a container that has cover, turn all the cassava into the container and put warm water to fill the container. Let the water be above the cassava. NB. Some cassava tubers specie are very selective, do make sure you use warm water. Do not use rain water in soaking cassava tubers rather heat the water before use.
Cover the container and check back  the next 4 days.
If they're all soft (which I believe should be), remove the fermented cassava tubers to a separate container.
Now, get a big bowl and fill it with water.
Use a big filter ( like the one used to wash rice) and place it inside this big bowl of water.

Gradually remove the fermented tubers and turn into this filter held inside the bowl containing water. Then press the cassava and stir continuously until you see only chaffs. Throw the chaffs away. Make sure the filter is embedded inside the water. Repeat this until the fermented cassava is finished.
Get a clean, new sack and turn all the filter cassava paste into this sack.
Tie the sack and allow the water to drain.

How can it be cooked?
To make akpu fit for for consumption it must undergo certain processes.
1. Make them into balls and place them in a pot containing water.
2. Place the pot on the fire and allow to boil
3. When the water starts boiling, drop it down.
4. Remove the balls of akpu and turn into a mortar.
5. Use pestle to pound vigorously
6. Make them into balls again and place them in the pot.
7. Heat again until it is ready.
8. Turn into a mortar like the first time, pound until it is smooth.
9. Turn into a flask or a container. Food is ready.

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