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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

How to make 5 litres of liquid soap with N700

In one of the previous posts, we discussed in details on how to make liquid soap, explained the functions of each ingredient and treated various issues you might come across while making liquid soap. In another post we discuss the various prices of liquid soap ingredient across the country. Check the price making liquid soap across Nigeria here

Today, we are going to look at how to make liquid soap with little money and just five ingredients unlike the previous posts.

Salt - N50
Sls -   N200
Texapon - N200
Perfume - N200
Colour -  N50

Turn 1litre of warm water into a bucket. ( warm water will help in the dissolving process).

In another separate container pour half litre of warm water and dissolve SLS. Stir until it is dissolved. Then keep it  aside.

Turn all the salt in bag into the bucket containing warm water and stir until it is relatively dissolved.

Pour texapon gradually and stir continuously until its completely mixed.

Now, turn the dissolved SLS solution into the above and continue stirring.

Dissolve  colour and add to the mixture above and stir continuously.

Add fragrance as desired. Stir
Lastly, dilute with 3.5 litres of water.
And stir.

Keep it for 24hours before use.

NB: This will not be as thick as the other one but will produce much lather.

Questions are welcome.

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  1. Can I add sulfuric acid to it to make it lather more?

  2. Pls my soap have white sedimement at the bottom when it'settle down

  3. What can I do mine is not thick?


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