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SQ 1000 Professional Phone Full Specification: Charge phone once a month

Wow! I was chuff to bits when i first saw SQ 1000 professional smartphone. What attracted me at first was the size. I never knew going closer will avail me the opportunity of viewing it's full specification. The more I looked at it the more i wanted it. In my opinion this is the best travel smart phone ever. It does not only provide you the basic functions like nokia torch phones but also provides you the ability to do many more things which will be discussed. The price of this super quality phone will dazzle you. Below SQ 1000 professional smartphone specification/feature and price will be listed and explained.

Full specification/Features of SQ Professional smartphone.

Battery Live:  20,000MHA. What is the use of any phone without long life span? I hope you've seen clearly that it's battery life last as long as 20,000MHA. That means even constant usage for one week will not completely exhaust your battery. For me this feature  gives it a dual function. One is to always keep your phone on especially when travelling for weeks to country sides with no electricity. Two, this can serve as a power bank to other phones. With this phone, you don't need to spend money on power bank with equivalent life span is far higher in price than this smart phone.

Speakers: SQ 1000 professional has a heavy in built sound speakers that can make music really mellifluous unlike nokia torch that has nothing like that. Even the ones that have are Twitter speakers. It also has in built Bluetooth speakers.

Memory Card: It's memory slot allows up 32G memory card.

WhatsApp: For now, this is the only non android phone that does WhatsApp. I was first asked if it could be used for WhatsApp, my answer was capital no. But I decided to give it a shot. To my amazement it was compatible. Isn't that cool?

Dual Sim: There's provision for dual sims.

Others features: Radio, Camera, calculator, Torch. It's torchlight is very bright. 

Price: It's Nigerian price range from N11,000($30.55)  - N13,000 ($36.11) depending on the platform and seller.
This is the best phone for travellers, tourists, military personnels, those who  do not like charging all the time and for  those who stay in areas where electricity is limited. Fair usage after charging can take you up to a month.


  1. how long to charge the phone for the first time?

  2. Hi, could you please recommend any other phone like sq1000

    1. Check here

  3. the subtle elements of the phone number will at present be recorded for quite a while in the neighborhood phone book or online phone query index, for example, the White Pages.

  4. The problem with this phone is the sound of the radio that is too loud. Impossible turn it down.

  5. my whatsapp facebook yahoo twitter . just say version is updating please wait do they really work

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  7. Is you buy the phone new,is the battery empty and you have to charge it to come on?

  8. how do i install facebook on SQ1000 phone, please help


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