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How I handle fear of anything

Fact: fear does not go away until you face it. If you leave it, it grows bigger irrespective of your age. Fear kills dreams!

Firstly, I identify my fears, write them down then check if I really want what I'm afraid of. Then if I really want it and the end of it will give me happiness then I will usually ignore my fears and prepare very well.

Check whether from your heart  you really like it but fear is hindering you. If you really like it then it's time to take a bold step. Don't let fear cripple your great dream. Be determined! Decide that you're unstoppable.

Is it fear on stage, fear to be with the people you love, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear that bad things will happen, fear of doing something wrong, You have to ignore those fear and move forward.

Accept your self as you are then agree with yourself that you're going to work on those areas you're afraid of daily. Nobody is perfect. Everybody started somewhere. If you make mistake, remember nobody is perfect.
Don't condemn yourself prematurely, When you fall rise up and try again.

Love does not hurt. Loving the wrong people hurt, loving the wrong things hurts, associating with  the wrong people hurts, making the wrong choice hurts. But don't be afraid to try.

Character is what you should build daily. Don't be afraid of hurting people or being hurt but rather work daily on the areas you know  you'll hurt people. If you suppress your fears daily, one day you'll not find them and one day you'll be happy you did.

Don't push what you can handle today for tomorrow. It will wait for you tomorrow and may become bigger than you expected. You may not have the opportunity to handle it tomorrow. Then it will be too late, then regret will fill your heart. Now is the time.

I usually invest more time to read materials on how to handle the things that scare me most. That's my defends mechanism. And Practice what you read daily.

Pray hard on your fears, study the word, read harder, start your day by reading something positive. You attract what you think, so try to think good things and you'll attract good things.

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