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How to get Google Adsense Approval in Nigeria fast

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One of the most discouraging thing for new bloggers especially those in Nigeria is getting their adsense account approved by google. I've been in your shoes too and I want to share useful tips on how you can get your Nigeria google Adsense account approved fast. There are a lot of mistakes bloggers do when applying for adsense and you'll discover them as we progress. I found out certain things that have always worked all the time. Remember google will never approve any adsense account that violates its policy. Lets get started.

Design: The design of your page has a lot to tell. The design of your blog has to do with the way it appears when visitors view. Does it look nice and worth credibility or its just like any other blog? Before applying for adsense your blog should have been fully designed. Do not apply for adsense when you're still in the process of designing your blog.

Original Content: You've often heard people tell you to post original content. Yes it's true. Google will not approve a blog whose content is full of plagiarism. In order for your adsense account to be approved you have to post original content. Do not copy and paste. Take your time and write articles with at least 500 words. Click here to learn 4 ways to never run out of ideas as a blogger

Write what is new: In addition to writing orignal content, you must take into consideration writing articles that are new or which has much search traffic but no reasonable result. By doing this, Google knows you are adding value to the users. Rewriting articles that have been written a thousand times not only will affect your adsense approval but also your search traffic. One of the easiest and cheapest way I check how much have been written about a particular topic is by using the allintitle and allinurl in addition to my search to know how many urls and post titles has same topic. If the result returns 200 below then you're good to go. The lower the number, the likelihood that your pages will appear on the first page of google search.  This is also a very useful SEO tip.

Internal Linking/USer friendly: Your blog articles should be arranged in such a way users can easily see other related post. High level of internal linking should be used. The body of each post should carry at least two links. Your side bars too should carry enough related links, popular post, and archives. It should be placed in such a way both mobile and PC users can easily navigate through your blog. The purpose of linking internally is to enable users to access all your post without stress. There are a handful of websites that offer automatic linking like LinkWithin. Don't just depend on the automatic linking. You can also do the manual linking. Manual linking takes time but it worths it.

About page: It is essential to create a page that tells your visitor about your products and services. By doing so, you show  a high level of business sense. Visitors may not have the opportunity to read every article on your page but can at a glimpse know what you offer by reading your about page. So will google  first of all  look at  your about page to get a general view of what you offer. Make sure you sit down and write down what your blog is all about. It doesn't need to be quite lenghty but it needs to be convicing and satisfactory.

Privacy: Your Privacy page should be neatly written. You have to tell your visitors how secure the data they have  entered on your sites are and how you're going to protect your privacy. You don't need to bug your head. There are many sites that offer services for generating privacy policy for anyone who needs them and it is free.

Contact page: Create a contact form in a contact page separately where visitors can contact you. In the contact page your address, email address, mobile number and other vital details that your visitors can reach you should be provided.

Write More post: May be because of anxiety many new bloggers write just a few post and then hurry up to signup for adsense. Before applying for adsense, take your time to write  at least 30 original blog post. It should be neatly writtten. Please avoid unnecessary errors. Calm down and write. Your blog will be reviewed by humans not machine. Too many errors will prevent the reviewers from looking at more post leading to your site being disapproved.

I like you to tell me your challenge in the comment section. If my tips work for you kindly come back and encourage others by your comments. Good luck!


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