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Reprogram your mind

All of us at some point or the other have gotten into a fix that we couldn’t explain how we got there. All we saw was the consequences.  You can also read How I handle fear of anything

The little things we ignore or overlook become overwhelming with time and they summed up to become our makeup.

The small habits we nurture, the kind of television we programs subscribe to, the books we read, the news media, social media and our associations, shape our lives daily until we become what we see, hear, feel, read and listen to.

If you take inventory of the things you do for 30 days, you'll get to know that you act in the direction of those things you pay attention to. Just like Tony Robbins put it “we are shaped by the things we do consistently “The things we do consistently moulds our being. They define us.

A serial killer did not become heartless in one day. He might have had night mares the first time he committed murder. Flash back of the scene will prick his mind but as he continues to commit murder, his mind becomes programmed to feel less guilty until killing becomes his hobby.

Now what is a program? Using the computer terminology, a program is a set of instruction that have been placed by the programmer to accomplish a particular task. Bringing it to our concept, whatever you give your time to, will subtly give you instructions to act. Whatever thing you pay attention to programs you.

Put away things that will not profit your mental, emotional, psychological, physiological and spiritual well being. A lot of folks want to start their day by reading a newspaper or listening to radio or TV but I'll suggest you do the opposite. If you must do it, don't start your day with them because whatever you hear might program your attitude for that day.

Everyday stand guard at the door of your mind as Jim Rohn will put it. Too many negative things flood the newspapers, magazines, social media etc. Be selective with what you hear. Read books that'll uplift you above difficulties. Pay attention to the good side of things no matter how difficult there seem to be.

It is said “we are an average of the friends we keep company". There's a lot influence going on in friendship. The kind of friends you keep can determine how you’ll end up. Your friends either take your character or you take theirs. One must influence the other. That is why we are advised to keep company with people that are on the same page with us.

Keeping a wrong company will not only distract you but can lead you to failure. Being choosy about the kind of friends you hang around with is not a thing of pride or class but a protective measure.

Stand up and reprogram your mind!


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