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Blogger Custom domain not opening with Glo network (Solved)

Late last year a lot of my viewers called my attention to my webpages not opening. I did a survey to really find out what the problem was but couldn't figure out since a number of them told me it was opening. The only solution then was for them to open my blog using opera browser.

Not until this year I changed to glo network reasons being that was the best network in my new area. I started experiencing the same  thing. That was how I came to find out it was glo internet provider that has been the cause. That means all viewers using glo network to browse  will not be able to access blogger custom domain blog.

National telecommunications operator, Globacom, has reclaimed the position of the second largest mobile service provider few months ago. Think of how many viewers in Nigeria you'll be missing if your blog is not set in order.

Now, using opera  browser to access blogger custom domain can only be a solution to your subscribers because they can easily be informed but will not be available to your unique visitors which eventually send them away. Using VPN too is another solution but will not solve the problem completely as it has the same problem with the former.

Because of this malfunction, a lot of blogger bloggers have migrated to WordPress. Even the giants I learned from could not profer solution to this. I hanged on to find the solution but got fed up and moved to WordPress. In the process I got stuck somewhere. My new link wasn't redirecting to my old link despite efforts through the help of my host customer care but to no avail.

Well I decided to cancel my WordPress subscription and came back to blogger. I set the blogspot url redirect back to my Namecheap domain and came back to blogger.

After all this process, my Glo sim started opening my blog. I was surprised. I got more people to find that out and it worked perfectly.

I thought may be glo had worked on their server. I tried opening another blogger custom domain blog and it didn't open. I tried it with other blogger blog, it was the same. This became a miracle.

So, I'm not saying you should purchase WordPress subscription and cancel as I did but where the magic is; is by going back to set your DNS setting in your domain provider and setting it again. I promise you, it will work.


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