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Friday, 28 September 2018

Life is all about asking the right question

The bible says ask and it shall given, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. To everyone that asketh recieveth, to everyone that seeketh findeth and to everyone that knocketh it shall opened. Now this spiritual principle holds for all ramifications of our lives. That means no matter the circumstances, if we continue to ask questions,  one day we'll get the right answer. And how do we get the right answer? We'll get the right answer when we ask the right question. A lot of times we ask the wrong question in life. That's why clarity of purpose is one of the most valuable resources any man can tap from. Clarity is Power!

Too many of us stop at a the one yard line because we ask the wrong questions without clarity of purpose. When I make a search on Google, if my first search query doesn't bring out the result I want, I'll modify my question and hit enter again. Now the Universe is like google. It has all your answers directory but you need to ask the right question. Mind you, before doing this search I had clarity on what I wanted to search for. And you don't give up when the search query does not bring out the result you want. All you do is modify your question ( Still on the same goal) and try again. So is life, dont change the goal, change the action plan for better result. Persistence is the key to use when asking.

God left us with a mystery that we have to find out. That mystery is His purpose for our lives whether spiritual or natural. It is when we find this purpose that we become fulfilled. When our purpose is well known to us we have a sense of direction at our disposal. Then our sense of contribution to the society sees light.

Not every door will close on you. The real problem is we get discouraged too soon. That means if you keep on asking, knocking and seeking without fainting, one person must give you an ear. In fact, you'll discover while asking that not every  door was closed. Some you just need to put in an appearance before they offer you their package.

There are so many benefit in asking. A lot of times we pass judgement before asking which I think most times is hasty generalization. Sometimes we fear of being rejected and because of this we deprive ourselves of the benefit we ought to reap. If you fear rejection, go against your fears. If your fears was right, no need to worry try another place. That's the attitude to maintain if you must win.

I thought this will give you a little boost.
Have a nice day!

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