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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Reading a book can save your time, money and resources

Most times I wonder why most people do not want to read a book. From January to December they continue in a vicious circle. Did you know just reading one book can change your life? Did you know reading one book can save you from regrets? Did you know reading a book can help you dodge some problems. Did you know they're some experiences you don't need to have? Did you know learning from other people's experience can save your effort, time, money and resources?

Research shows that only 10% in the world are interested in reading. The remaining 90% are not reading even though they can read. People find it difficult to spend few hours to read. Few hours of reading can save you 10 years of wandering in the dark.

The only way you can tap richly from great men is by reading their books. You may never have the opportunity to meet with them face to face because of money, time and some have already passed on but you can get everything condensed in their books because they've summarised all their experiences in those books.

The benefit of reading  books are enormous. Books are one of the greatest gift God gave to humanity. They can instruct  many generations. That's one of the best legacy any great man can leave for posterity. A lot of people don't want to read. And what they're looking for has been summarized in a book somewhere. They go on years after years and end up in mediocrity all because they don't want to read. They're thousands of thousands of solutions that have been written in books. They don't want to bear patience to find it.

Did you know you can read how to become successful, rich, wealthy, powerful, influential, how to be a good parent, spouse, how to relate and save yourself the stress of experiencing everything etc?. People want to be the best and they're not ready to read. They just want to get there on the platter of gold. Reading is far cheaper than most experiences we go through. Some experiences we go through without reading a book  are life threatening.

A lot of folks managed to study during their school days and after that they forget reading forever. They were reading to pass their exams and not reading to know. So change for good today. Start reading books about where you're going to and where you want to be.

Have a nice day!

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