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Before now, it was believed that more information equals better decision but today, researches have it that people are likely to make bad decisions after getting sufficient information without their belief system altered. 


If we place each day in 2019 side by side with each day in 2020, you'll find out that many who were complaining last year are still complaining this year.


  In order for you and I to lead a successful life on social media, we have to be more intentional with the way we spend our time. Let us lead our lives and not be victims. Let us not just go through the day but rather decide   to take charge of our day.


Life is full of  principles that have lived on from generation to generation. These have stood the test of time and remained unchanged since creation.


 Do you know why affirmations don't seem to work for some people? Did you know your progress is tied to your belief system? What is a belief system? You may have rehearsed so many positive quotes,  seen so many motivational videos, read so many books but, If you do all these things without believing in yourself, it won't work for you.  Have you ever wondered why you have not started doing the things that you know if you do them you will succeed? It is because you do not believe you can do it. You're afraid to try, you're afraid of failing, you are afraid of taking risk which in itself is a risk to your progress. No matter how much motivation you get, if you don't believe in yourself, it won't work for you. A belief system according to "is an ideology or set of principles that helps us to interpret our everyday reality."  Believing is not just saying "yes I can do it" and you don't get up from your sit to do it. Your actions will


Today Nigeria is 60. A lot of criticisms, complains and bitter experiences would be recounted. All these might be true, but I want you to look at this perspective before recounting the terrible side of Nigeria.


I started blogging purposefully in 2017. All along it's been an adventure.  I  dabbled into so many grey areas but did a lot of work to be where I am right now. 


Have you e ver stayed in the same office with your colleagues and you are not represented in any activity? Have yo u ever wondered why your colleagues are chos en for important functions and you aren’t? Have you ever pondered over the reasons why your junior is used for a position that is yours? Then this post is specially designed for you. My dear friend, you cannot be relevant in your workplace when you refuse to make reasonable input in your workplace. The mantle of credibility can not be handed to you when you shy away from your responsibilities. You can not be entrusted with anything valuable when you do not have a clear vision on how to move that organization forward. So how can one go about this? KNOW YOUR ORGANIZATION'S GOALS AND OBJECTIVES AND WORK TOWARDS IT: Most people think showing up every day is enough for the organization, but that is not enough. You have to know exactly what the organization seeks to achieve and what is expected of you. Then work toward

How to get pregnant for twins

Combo for Infection and Fertility

What is COMBO? Combo is the short form for combination. We have different kinds of combo, but the combo for infection and fertility is very popular in Nigeria. 

Is it normal to make mistakes?

THE PROGRAMMER'S MINDSET OF HANDLING MISTAKES. I'm just thinking out loudly how many important files would be missing in the world if  commands like "Are you sure you want to move this file to the Recycle Bin?, This item will be deleted, Are you sure you want to delete this file?" were not incorporated into computer programmes.

Uda water for Family Planning

In my previous post, I discussed on how  Castor seed could be used to prevent pregnancy for a whole year.  But today,  I will be talking about another natural family planning recipe called Uda water. 

Castor seed oil for family planning

Artificial Contraceptives have been reported to come along with many side effects. Many people have resorted to other means of family planning.


What is a meaningful Comment? A meaningful comment is a comment that reflects your take out in a particular post. It can also take the form of making contributions and asking relevant questions.

kill toilet smell with these tips

If you're using detergent to control toilet smell, you're doing the wrong thing.


We all know the origin of this phrase. In case you don't know, it came from a popular musician called Zlatan Ibile.

What is Motivating you?

It came to a point in Jim Rohn's life that he couldn't buy common candies. 

I can't smell or taste anything.

Almost everybody is complaining of   the same thing…. Can’t smell, can’t taste.

If We Must Remain Relevant In The Society, We Must Strive To constantly Upgrade

photo credit: Who will be better in 5 years time? An SSCE graduates who gets a job on the same day another SSCE holder gains admission into the University?

Three things to be considered before learning any skill

Coming from a family where the art of swimming was like an inheritance, it wasn't unusual for me to be a very good swimmer. Years ago, we did go to farm twice or three times a week.  Along the farm road, there is a stream. We did swim there all the time especially when we retire from the farm.

Rice Water for fairer skin

In one of my earlier post, I talked about how you could make rice  milk  an alternative to dairy product..... But today we are going to shift it further to skin care. Have you been looking for ways of maintaining your light skin and  chocolate complexion without any harmful effect?

How do I calculate my menstrual cycle?

A lot of women can't really calculate their menstrual cycle. This has led many to taking short cuts using non natural family planning methods in order to escape pregnancy.

Shocking Discovery: Bitterleaf is Good for your Brain and Heart.

We live in a world where people prefer to die with a sweet tooth than even a casual approach to bitter stuffs. But have you come to find out that most highly medicinal plants are bitter? Just the same way you hate bitter herbs is the same way most microorganisms do.

DIY Remedy for Dark Underarm/Inner Thigh

Nothing is more embarrassing  than seeing somebody else's  underarm darker than it's actual complexion. It looks so unkempt and messy meanwhile these people might not know the cause. Darkening is commonly found in the armpits, back of the neck, groin, elbows  and knees. Darkened armpit is sometimes refer to as    acanthosis nigricans   medically. Before we go into the home remedy for dark underarm/inner thigh let's look at the causes. 

CoVid 19 is real Nigeria

It beats my imagination to think that a lot of people still believe that Covid 19 does not exist in Nigeria. A handful of people feel that our leaders are using this medium to amass Wealth for themselves. Whether our leaders are amassing wealth for themselves or not should not be our main concern for now. Our main concern should rather be safety first.

Home Alternatives to hand sanitizer for Covid - 19

In my last post, I wrote on how to make hand sanitizer for washing hands in order to prevent Covid - 19.

How to make WHO approved hand sanitizer for Corona Virus

With the current trend of Corona virus ravaging the whole world, it is pertinent that we use preventive measures to curb the spread of the disease. Very soon the prices of hand sanitizers will go up . A lot of fake hand sanitizers are being sold out there. It would be better for you to prepare your own hand sanitizers.

Attitude Quote for 2020

A lot of people usually blame others for their reactions.... But that's a perspective truth.... But the whole truth is that a sugarcane still remains sweet even when crushed. You cant make a sugarcane bring out bitter sap.... Never blame people for your actions.

The tall man looks down; the short man looks up

While in the bathroom i just pondered over how a tall man bends his head in order to communicate with a short man and the short man looks up in order to talk to a tall man.

People who get angry easily have a good heart

I don’t know who made this assumption but I think this statement sounds very vague and does not hold water. Never has anger been a desirable trait. Nobody likes the way he or she acts when angry.