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The tall man looks down; the short man looks up

While in the bathroom i just pondered over how a tall man bends his head in order to communicate with a short man and the short man looks up in order to talk to a tall man.

One of the outstanding lessons I learned was that, in life no matter how you've grown materially, financially, intellectually and otherwise you have to be humble enough to treat other people below you with respect.

It  is common to treat people of the same status well but, how about people below you?

Also, it taught me that no matter how downcasted one is, he should not dwell on the situation but always look up to God for the solution to his problems.

 In order to have  strength to carry on with your goals and objectives, you have to look up to God  for wisdom, courage and will power.

One of the surest ways to really know a person's character is by watching how they treat people below them. How they treat the common man in the street has a lot to do with their character than how they treat those above them.

It is very easy for someone to be respected when he is at the top than below. At this point, character has alot to play.

Life has strange ways of teaching us a lesson.

At every junction of our lives, our attitude towards people, situations, challenges, failure and success has a very big role to play in keeping us there.

Your gift, beauty, skills will take you to places but your attitude towards what brought you there will determine how long you're going to stay.

While the wealthy looks down in humility, it is expected that the poor looks up to God for providence.

Whether poor or rich, attractive or not, we should all treat each other with respect, remain humble as we climb the success ladder and look up to God for providence.


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