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If We Must Remain Relevant In The Society, We Must Strive To constantly Upgrade

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Who will be better in 5 years time? An SSCE graduates who gets a job on the same day another SSCE holder gains admission into the University?

At first it will look like the guy who got the job is doing better but with time, the other person who went to school to learn will get to places the guy with SSCE qualification will never reach unless he upgrades.

If the person who went to the university eventually gets a job in the same company as his counterpart who got the job earlier on, he will be by far ahead of him.

As an SSCE holder, he’ll be placed on level 04 in the Civil Service job. In five years time, he will only grow by one level which is grade level 05. Meanwhile, the guy who went to the University and got employed in the same company years later will be placed on level 08. Even if the Degree holder doesn’t get a job immediately after graduating, he is of more value to any company or organization than the SSCE holder.

Another problem the SSCE holder will encounter if he doesn’t upgrade will be not growing in level once he reaches level 06. He will only grow in STEP but not level. Meanwhile the degree holder has the potential of growing all the way to the last level (grade level 17).

In order to stay relevant in business, leadership, job, marriage, relationship etc, one must constantly upgrade. There comes a time in your career or skills where all you’ve acquired becomes saturated. That’s when you need to upgrade.

If you aren’t earning the way you use to earn when you started, then you need to think of upgrading. If you are not earning the way your counterparts are earning, then you need to upgrade.

If you remain where you are without getting more information, learning more skills to add to what you already have, you’ll wake up one morning to find yourself locked up in an analogue system. People must have moved on while you’re still wangling with stale methodologies.

The society is constantly evolving therefore, it is very necessary that we as humans intentionally evolve with the world in order to stay relevant in the society. Whether you’ve made a name or not, you must evolve with the society in order to stay relevant.

I guess you can now think of companies that refused to evolve with the needs of their customers…. What happened to them? They died! So sad but true.

If we must remain relevant in the society, we must strive to constantly upgrade.

So I want you to think…. Take a sober reflection….Take action.



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