Tuesday, 28 July 2020


school na scam

We all know the origin of this phrase. In case you don't know, it came from a popular musician called Zlatan Ibile.

I know a lot of young people repeat this phrase in order to get a sense of relief from their frustration. 

While they seek for a temporary relief by dwelling on this negative line of thinking, something is being destroyed internally and it will show up one day.

In a country where almost everything looks frustrating, one might be tempted at some point to join the wrong crowd.

I've seen people who are more of Naira Marley than the real Naira Marley. 

While he makes his money through his hit songs, his fans are busy  keying into the philosophy of his songs. They make it so practical.

They  fail to understand that this artist is educated to a great extent.

Who you hang out with matters a lot. Your crowd can either propel  you  upward or bring you to the lowest ebb.

What you listen and pay attention to molds you. It might seem harmless at first instance but one day it will help to fuel your frustration.

If the first five people in your intimate friend list are having this philosophy, then it's time for you to decide.

If what you're paying attention to is carrying this philosophy in the  subject matter above, then it's time for you to have a sober reflection.

If you plot your graph well you'll discover that Education still feeds more people than  football, music, comedy, Movie Industry and some popular industries that houses a selected people.

Yes, I know many will make reference to Bill Gates, Dangote and the likes but they forget that these people employ highly educated people to work for them.

You'll do better as an entrepreneur when you're educated. 

The importance of education can never be overemphasized.

Go to school, take your lessons, ace your courses and graduate. When you graduate, you can decide  to use the certificate you've acquired or  keep it and major on your skills. 

How does this message concerns leaders? As leaders we have to watch for indicators of any likelihood of phrases, patterns and trends that affect our followers.

We have to constantly winnow the weeds of distraction from our children,followers, and students in order that they can reach their maximum potential.

Let's spread the message.

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