Tuesday, 8 December 2020




In order for you and I to lead a successful life on social media, we have to be more intentional with the way we spend our time. Let us lead our lives and not be victims. Let us not just go through the day but rather decide   to take charge of our day.


Have you noticed that people scroll up and down the pages of their social media wall without any clear intention of what they are looking for?  They spend hours in futility.

The best way to avoid unnecessary scrolling is to be more intentional with your "why". When you opened your Facebook app, was it for pleasure or for work? 

With so many distractions online,being intentional won't come so easy. But it is necessary for your growth.


I know this might sound  outrageous, but I have seen many people join over 300 groups on Facebook. You can not be everywhere at the same time and do something meaningful. Joining too many groups will definitely distort your sense of direction.

While you try to concentrate, something may pop up from one of the many groups to take away your attention. You would likely see headlines about celebrities like " What happened to Jones will shock you, You can't believe this happened to President Okon.....".  Seeing such headlines will arouse your interest to find out more not knowing this is a bait for more distractions. 

Exit groups to the barest minimum. Don't join groups that do not serve your purpose. Join groups that meet your needs. This is one of the ways to reduce distractions on Facebook. 


I am not against you uploading your photos, but we need to understand that Facebook has evolved from just "Face book" to "Value book". Except you are into photography, your Facebook wall is highly underutilized when it is only used for uploading  photos.

Create value in your cyber space. Make people look up to your next post. When you become intentional about creating value, the chances of you giving in to distractions becomes slim and your productivity will go up.

You might be thinking you don't have what to post. But that is not actually true.

Are you a Seemstress offline? Start by teaching people about dresses. Showcase your handwork. 

Are you a teacher offline? Post quality and reliable information about your field. 

Are you a Doctor? Help people with    preventable solutions to diseases. Teach your friends about healthy  living.

Are you a Lawyer? Educate people on human right. These are just few examples mentioned. 

Bring your offline value to your cyberspace. Let the whole world know you.

Pausing here..... What did you learn?

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