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In the year 2020, Everybody was put on the same table to strive. We all moved out of our comfort zones in one way or the other whether rich or poor, sick or healthy.

Nobody was expecting the pandemic to be so ravaging but it did.

Some factors made some people more powerful and stronger while many wallow in the atmosphere of the pandemic.

Who were these people?

1. Those who had evolved with Technology.

For those who had evolved with technology before the pandemic, Corona Virus was not an excuse. They held various Virtual meetings, conventions and Online tutorials just like they did offline. The circumstances surrounding the whole world didn't hit them so hard.

2. Those with foresight

Companies like Amazon, Jumia, Konga, etc made more sales because they had evolved a long time before the corona outbreak.

Zoom was founded in 2011 and launched in 2013.  Zoom daily meeting participants grew faster in 2020 than all the years of its operation. In December 2019, meeting participants were 10 million. In March 2020, it exponentially moved to 200 million then in April 2020, the number moved up to 300 million.

For most of us in third-world countries, we never saw any use of this app but, we were forced to use it when the time came.

3. Those who were flexible

Those whose organizational setups were flexible, strategically aligned with the season until they scaled through while others with rigid systems wasted away.

If we will make it in 2020, if we will be ready to move out of our comfort zones willingly and not forced by circumstances, if we will be more deliberate and intentional, 2021 will be a better place to heal the wounds we sustained in 2020.

There are many lessons to learn from 2020 but, I will like you reading this to take a deep breath and read this post again carefully.

"Make a difference no matter how small or big it is."

Do have a productive week.


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