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May be you thought after school you will never open any book. You begin to wax cold and finally join the "who-reading-help gang". But in your mind you want to go far with your goals.

Sorry! You won't go far with that goal if you do not study the path you want to achieve success. It will take you a very long time to reach your desired destination if you depend only on the fate of your personal experiences .
If reading has not helped you yet, it is either you have not been reading the right materials or you need to read more or you don't practise what you read.
Before I got married I read so many books and articles on marriage. I went through both good and bad pieces of marriage materials, reviewed and evaluated them, then formed my theories and put them to work.
My wife and I planned with good materials like the "Get Naked Questionnaire" by Leader Mute Efe, "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman, a few but to mention. We also learnt from other people's experiences and sought counselling regularly.
We finished our wedding without any single debt. This means so much to me, because it was well planned and it worked.
Most of the materials we read has always been a great reference point till now.
In school, while people thought I didn't like women because I wasn't living the way they lived, I was constantly studying books about women. One day, one of my course mates caught me unwares seriously digesting a book on menstrual cycle in the library and was shocked.
Again, when I got engaged, one of my bosom friends called me on phone to asked me whether my Facebook account was hacked, because my Facebook status was updated, "engaged". This was a bombshell to him. I wasn't too predictable in the aspect of women, but I was consistently studying behind closed doors.
When I was in courtship, I read books about women in my wife's age. I did this to know exactly what went through her mind, how she thought and how she saw life from her angle. After reading, I went for practicals. That was how far I went.
While in school, I never depended on my strength. I kept reading my Bible and reading many sermon books of my spiritual mentor, Prophet William Marion Branham. This gave me a lot of stability. And I was able to achieve success in my spiritual goals too.
I am not putting my experience here to blow my horn, but to let you know that reading works especially when you digest the right materials and practise what you have learnt.
If that goal is very important to you, you must study strategies on how to shorten the curves. Learn from others who have passed through that stage.
Physical death is the only expiry date for reading. That means when you stop reading the right materials, you begin to die by installment while you are alive.
I have written this piece from the depth of my heart to you without any fear of being vulnerable. Every bold step I ever took in my life had been accompanied by my intensive reading of good materials.
Reading works. Read the right material; practise what you have read.


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