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Tuesday, 13 April 2021


Hey...! Is it not this man we usually see in tattered cloths every day going to work or selling articles by the roadside? How come he has become successful overnight?

He must be using some other means. He must have washed his face somewhere or must be a diabolical ritualist.Then you start looking for witnesses to attest to this fact.
How many times have you used those words for people who suddenly hit the jackpot? Is it possible that one can become successful overnight? Well, your guess is as good as mine.
But on the positive perspective, many people are blinded when you haven't made it, yet they forget to see what you do daily. They forget to take into consideration how disciplined and focused you were before you rose to the position you are presently in. All they see is your overnight success.
To them it is overnight, but to you, you can count how many times you felt like giving up, how many times you had to sacrifice your hard earn money for trainings even when you had no water to drink, how many embarrassments you faced and how you gradually made it to the top.
Indeed! people are are really sleeping both in the day time and at night, while some are working tirelessly to hit their goals.
While men slept, some were focused on their goals. While men slept, some paid for trainings that gave them a better edge.
While men slept, some were learning. While men slept, some saw opportunities.
While men slept and snored away, some hit their goals and made it to the top.
Now look inwardly, tell yourself the truth. Are you really awake or you are sleeping like others?
If you are not taking the goals you have set seriously, you are in a deep sleep. Please wake up!

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