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Since the day my touch screen phone fell off and went completely blank a day to an important event and made me spend an impromptu 15,000 naira, it has never fallen off my hands again.
Before this time, I used to be very carefree. I usually use the phone anyhow and anywhere. It fell from my hands many times. Sometimes I applauded the phone for being solid. But this important day was different. It went all blank. I couldn't receive or make calls.
Before that event, I used to admire meticulous people who did not put any screen guard on their phones. You hardly will see a scratch on their phones. But for me, I had to learn the hard way.
It is not only buying that nice expensive phone that matters, taking good care of it so that it remains in good nick is important.
Over to your goals. It is not only setting your goals that is important, maintaining the habit of executing them is important.
Reviewing your goals at regular intervals to know whether the strategies you have adopted are still relevant is important.
Finding an accountability partner who will hold you accountable to your goals is important.
Guarding your mind jealously to prevent naysayers and killjoys from eating up your positive mindset is important.
Reading books to get more insights on the way forward is important.
Taking trainings to improve your skills in order to shorten the curves is important.
Associating with people who know better is important.
Getting a coach to guide you through the process is important.
Getting deep in your spiritual life is important. I will talk on this in another post.
Now, examine yourself and the goals you have set from the angles I have highlighted.


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