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Something is so special about Mama Nkechi's Restaurant. Merely passing by her restaurant could hold you spellbound. The aroma from her kitchen is so magnetic that it can stimulate your oral sensory glands to produce saliva that is enough to fill a glass.

Her meals are not only inviting but scrumptious. On top of her servings, she gives each customer fruit salad to either whet their appetite or help transport churned meals to where they would be absorbed and utilised in the digestive tract.

Her customers always leave her restaurant with a thank-you note and a tip without her asking for it. 

Are you like Mama Nkechi?

What atmosphere are you creating around you?

Have you noticed that there are some people you can't just leave in a hurry whenever you meet with them? It is not about you being hypnotised, but it's about the kind of atmosphere they create whenever they come in contact with anybody.

It is one thing to build relationships, network, make new friends,  it is another thing to create the right atmosphere.

Creating the right atmosphere in the right environment is capable of catapulting you exponentially to your dreams.  It is one of the ways to shorten your curves to achieve your goals.

Creating the right atmosphere starts with your attitude to life's challenges,  goals, targets, mentors, friends, family members, etc.

Reexamine yourself to know whether you carry the desirable fragrance that makes people want you all the time even if they hated you.

John Ukpanukpong.


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