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During our courtship, my wife and I  knew exactly the time we were going to get married. We got married 22 months after our engagement. I was opened to her about when we'll get married. 

A lot of people thought it will fail because we ought not to have kept an engagement that long. But before we started, we both knew our engagement will stay for two years before we get married. My wife didn't mount any pressure on me. There was no hidden agenda.

What if we didn't discuss this and she kept waiting for me to do the needful after 3 months. Wouldn't that have caused crises?

Singles, have you read the "Get Naked Questionnaire" by Mute Efe ?

Your biggest weakness as a single who is looking up to getting married one day is ignorance. I have to be very blunt. Yes, you love him or her but you need to know certain things about him/her before you sign the lifetime contract.

A contract that is not well defined and understood will confuse you when it's time for execution. It will lead to many painful and regretful experiences.

You have to be completely naked before each other before you get married. Being naked before your marriage here means you have to open up every important aspect of your life to each other so that you both know what you are entering into.

Assumptions about your partner's opinion on certain aspects of life will harm you in no distant time if you both don't discuss them during courtship. 

Do you know that there are women who will never remove their surname when married? But you assume that all women already know and ought to follow accordingly. It looks small but it can tear down a marriage. 

I highly recommend the Get Naked Questionnaire to all those who have been enjoying my posts on marriage. This book helped me and my wife to look into the future and made some important decisions.

This book will open your eyes to the values that your partner holds.

The money you will use to buy this book cannot be compared with the benefit you stand to gain. 

Here's is the link.

Buy it, read it with your partner. 

Destroy ignorance before it destroys you!

Destroy assumption before it destroys you.

John Ukpanukpong.


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