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I battled to prevent my watery eyes from gushing out tears while I read the story of Joseph. It seemed like I never read that story before. Joseph dreamt about himself at the early age of 17 but it took 13 years for him to become the man in his dream. 

He went through different processes to become what he dreamt about. When his brothers sold him out, it appeared like that ended the whole story, but that turned out to be the beginning of his journey of becoming the man in his dream. 

At 28, Potiphar’s wife manifested her lustful intent irresistibly.  She must have been stark naked before him, but He fled from her. And the bible recorded that she swayed him daily until she took the last approach.  Though he had control over his master’s house, he was disciplined enough to escape from the devil's trap.

What if he fell for her, what would have been the narrative? His purpose of preserving life would have been ruined right there. Just two years closer to becoming that man in his dream, along came a woman to kill it. 

In his trying moments, he held his head high, persevered, worked harder and God continued to bless him. Every stage of his journey made him closer to the man in his dream.  Even when God gave him a favour, He kept trying him in each stage.

Leadership goes with a process. Many would-be leaders and leaders despise the process of becoming leaders but they desire to lead effectively.  Going through the process of Leadership imprints Leadership traits in you. Joseph had been through thick and thin. He learnt so much as he moved from one stage to another. 

What trait did Joseph possess?

  • He was a man of vision
  • He had discernment
  • He was patient
  • He was hard working
  • He was prudent
  • He was disciplined
  • He was a lifesaver.
  • He was empathetic and forgiving
  • He was an entrepreneur.

In  light of the above, you may read the story of Joseph again to get a deeper perspective.

John ukpanukpong


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