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While I thought about some unfair advantages in life, my mind exploded with many answers. 

Nobody will explain to you that you are not equal. Many will educate you, "we are all equal". But if we are all equal, why are some people having unequal treatment? Recognizing this will help you align yourself well. It will help you leverage your advantage and stay guarded in areas you are less privileged.

If you are born pretty, you didn't make any effort to become pretty. This is an unfair advantage you have over less attractive people.

I've seen many people stride from less attractive kids to cuddle pretty ones. They often attribute special qualities to the pretty one and dodge away from the less attractive one. What have these two children done? Nothing. I rarely spot unappealing people (mostly women) in customer service jobs. Does beauty equal intelligence? No! 

If you are a man, you have an unparallel advantage over a woman in many areas. Even in the Bible, right from when Eve transgressed, that equality slipped. Throughout the Bible days till now, women have not gained that position of being equal. Even feminists can attest to this truth.

Women have unequal survival chances than men. Right from birth, women have promising survival chances, live longer even in severe famine, crisis and epidemics. They also possess more nurturing abilities than men.

I believe nobody is dull but there's a level at which everybody can go and when they hit that level, only intelligent people can go there.

Being born in a developed country gives you an edge. This gives you a great headstart to life. This is where John Obidi has been sweating it out to get the young people in Africa to discern that their fight is different (Your fight is different).

Being born white. Though this is man-made, it is very intense. You won't hear this often especially now that the world is changing but it is still there. 

Being born into a wealthy family. We all know that children born into wealthy families have little to struggle about life. If they put effort, building their wealth will come on a gold platter.  

By now, you should discern where you are standing. 

If you're not pretty, many qualities can make you stand out. Go for training. 

If you're not born into a wealthy family, you need to create wealth afresh, place yourself in the right environment

As a woman, you have to understand that you're not equal to a man. Take life seriously. Define your relationships, be clear about your life goals and remember to work hard.

 As a man, be careful how you live your life. You have fewer survival chances. Create wealth for your family, take care of your health and govern your family well.

Are you born in an underdeveloped or developing country, work hard and smart. Don't behave like you have arrived. Be cautious with the kind of information you receive.

Are you born black? You need to develop yourself to a point where racism won't have a grip on you.

These are few unequal advantages. 

Leverage your advantage, fill up your lapses by embracing personal development.

John Ukpanukpong


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