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Instant Motivation Hub motivates and inspires people to think outside the box. We give them tips on how they can get motivated to do anything whether their passion, priority or any area of  interest. We teach people how to help themselves by discovering their path to life and how they can make useful contributions to the society.

This website (as the name implies) seeks to remove blockages in peoples lives, create clarity in peoples career, help people get a definition of their lives. You are provided with easy and comprehensible nuggets on how to face live's challenges and breakthrough.

We envision our readers and followers to be highly motivated, empowered, inspired and creative after digesting the content of this site.  We expect them to  be one of the best contributors the world has ever known in history.

We also Provide  simple steps on  "Do it yourself" (DIY). This will enable young school leavers, house wives, or any other person earn money or extra income. We don't only help you to do it yourself, we provide powerful strategies on how to make a difference.

We also provide a handful of healthy tips for students who aspire to come out in flying colours in their various areas of specialisation. We also provide free download of softcopy of any textbook of your choice. This will help cut down the cost of buying textbook drastically.

 We recommend you move along with us on our daily update. You will find it very rewarding.

    Our Services 
Our services are in two fold: The motivational aspect and the Do it yourself aspect.
The motivational aspect will  inspire, motivate and give our subscribers the will power to practice whatsoever is posted on this website. Without motivation, people don't exercise their potential. Motivation is an integral part of every good company. When workers are motivated before going to work, the productivity tends to be high. This aspect is lacking in our society today. We will solve this problem.
This aspect also covers provision of powerful health tips that will keep you going. Remember health is wealth.

The Do it yourself aspect is a page on our website that teaches all our visitors from all over the world various entrepreneurial skills on how to  manufacture and market their products.
This will make our visitors to be self reliant and self employed. Example of things that are being taught range from how to make beverages,  soaps ( Antiseptic, Laundry, liquid soaps and toilet soap), the  art of perfumery, antiseptics, cosmetics a few but to mention.

We are living in a digitalized world where nearly everything is done online. This makes our lives easy going and more convenient. You should not be an exception. This website will contain a huge database of  how to do certain things big companies do.

It will inspire the youths who also have passion for writing to convert their passion to income.

The Do it yourself is in two folds, the instructional materials found on the website pages and the video to illustrate how these things are being done on our YouTube channel. For now, the videos for the YouTube channel is still under production.

Do have a nice day!

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